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WIN WIN Paul Gia­matti has made a ca­reer play­ing the liv­ing em­bod­i­ment of an ex­as­per­ated sigh. Here, he’s right in his wheel­house as a stressed-out small-time lawyer and high-school wrestling coach. He be­comes a guardian for an old man (Burt Young) in or­der to gain his monthly stipend and gets more than he bar­gained for when the man’s grand­son (Alex Shaf­fer) shows up. Writer and di­rec­tor Thomas Mc­Carthy ( The Visi­tor) of­fers this as a flat, un­funny stew of mid­dle­brow, mid­dle-age cyn­i­cism, wast­ing a great sup­port­ing cast ( Jef­frey Tam­bor, Amy Ryan) in the process. Rated R. 106 min­utes. Re­gal DeVargas, Santa Fe. (Robert B. Ker) YOUR HIGH­NESS Danny McBride, James Franco, and Natalie Port­man play three war­riors who set out to de­feat an evil wizard ( Justin Th­er­oux) in this fan­tasy-based com­edy. The tal­ent in­volved, in­clud­ing di­rec­tor David Gor­don Green, is a sell­ing point, but, thanks to the movie’s pa­rade of limp, half-baked pe­nis and drug jokes, it falls well short of films like The Princess Bride. The film does boast beau­ti­ful sets and cos­tumes and sur­pris­ingly good spe­cial ef­fects. And while there are some chuck­les to be had, the film is too raunchy for fam­i­lies and too silly for sober adults. Rated R. 102 min­utes. Re­gal North, Santa Fe. (Robert B. Ker) WIN­STON CHURCHILL: WALK­ING WITH DES­TINY Richard Trank’s stir­ring doc­u­men­tary about Win­ston Churchill’s stand against Nazi Ger­many fo­cuses on the years be­tween Churchill’s po­lit­i­cal low in 1930 and Amer­ica’s en­try into the war. It plays like a His­tory Chan­nel spe­cial, but it’s beau­ti­fully pro­duced and full of great wartime footage and bril­liant ora­tory. Satur­day, April 23, only. Not rated. 100 min­utes. The Screen, Santa Fe. ( Jonathan Richards)

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