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If life is a gar­den, this is a good week­end to break new ground, plow, pre­pare soil, elim­i­nate pests (or­gan­i­cally, we hope), and re­ar­range beds. Next Tues­day’s new moon in earthy Tau­rus oc­curs on the most fer­tile day all year to set new seeds. The week ends un­der a busy, cross-pollinating Gemini moon. It’s time to wa­ter, guard, and fer­til­ize all those seedlings, no mat­ter how busy we feel.

With Mer­cury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus all in im­pulse-con­trolchal­lenged Aries through mid-May, the mood is brave if re­ac­tive. Aries makes us eas­ily in­flamed — al­ler­gies flare up, fevers spike, winds howl, and tem­pers and ro­mances spark. The mood is gen­er­ous, but we can be un­con­sciously self-cen­tered. We would be see­ing more revo­lu­tion in the head­lines if it were eas­ier to co­or­di­nate peo­ple into a united front.

Aries is not malev­o­lent, but it can be abrupt and ruth­less. No­tice that most in­ter­per­sonal dif­fi­cul­ties arise not out of mean­ness but be­cause peo­ple are in­con­sid­er­ate or un­co­op­er­a­tive. En­thu­si­asm brings peo­ple in; con­trol or con­fine­ment re­pels them.

This week­end, the moon joins the Aries lineup for an in­tense time that may test re­la­tion­ships. Ex­plore, but don’t take any safety short­cuts. Keep a watch out for se­vere weather. Mid­week is stub­born, fer­tile, and hard­work­ing. As the week ends, it’s time to meet and greet, flirt, dis­sem­i­nate what we’re do­ing, and find out what ev­ery­one else is up to — but don’t for­get to tend those re­cently planted seeds.

in­sti­gate Fri­day, April sit­u­a­tions 29: Af­ter as the an moon emo­tional en­ters and Aries touchy and con­juncts morn­ing, we’re Uranus ready mid­day. to Af­ter­noon is spon­ta­neous and com­bustible; fric­tion builds when we work against the grain.

Satur­day, April 30: Be cu­ri­ous. Avoid cre­at­ing sto­ries to ex­plain weird feel­ings. If in doubt, ask ques­tions. Venus op­poses Saturn and tests re­la­tion­ships. Dive into the heart of it all tonight as the moon con­juncts Mer­cury.

Sun­day, May 1: Strew some­one’s path with flow­ers. Do some­thing coura­geous or outrageous. Op­ti­mism in­spires ac­tion: make over­tures or a state­ment as the Aries moon con­juncts Jupiter and Mars. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion gets screwy as Mer­cury semisquares Nep­tune. Keep an eye on the weather and other large-scale move­ments.

Mon­day, May 2: We may feel slow off the mark this morn­ing, as the Tau­rus moon sex­tiles Nep­tune and the sun chal­lenges Saturn. Ba­sic dis­ci­pline helps us stay on track. A thought­ful me­lan­cho­lia sweeps past when the moon trines Pluto this af­ter­noon. Pre­pare to plant to­mor­row.

Tues­day, May 3: Peo­ple ride their groove and do not change lanes eas­ily. This Tau­rus new moon (12:50 a.m. MDT) is the most fer­tile plant­ing day of the year. Leave alone words that could sprout into anger or di­vi­sive­ness and reach for more fer­tile seeds. Pitch pro­pos­als, change habits, and launch prod­ucts. Ap­plaud all good ef­forts.

Wed­nes­day, May 4: Re­spond to all leads on this nervy, tele­pathic day. Peo­ple are open-minded and open to sub­tleties but eas­ily con­fused as the Gemini moon squares imag­i­na­tive Nep­tune. Push a pawn for­ward late in the af­ter­noon as the moon sex­tiles Uranus.

Thurs­day, May 5: We may feel spread thin, but a lit­tle en­ergy put into a lot of dif­fer­ent projects keep doors open and the mo­men­tum up. We need to let em­ploy­ers know we’re se­ri­ous and have what it takes as the moon trines Saturn. Fi­nal­ize de­tails. Un­der­stand­ing flows tonight if we are open to one an­other.

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