SON LIT­TLE Things I For­got

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(ANTI-) Though ti­tled Things I For­got, this solo de­but EP shows off the wide range of mu­si­cal tra­di­tions that multi-in­stru­men­tal­ist and singer Son Lit­tle (aka Aaron Liv­ingston) still re­mem­bers. Each of the six short tracks (the whole al­bum clocks in at un­der 23 min­utes) of­fers a sparse yet rich pop col­lage, bring­ing to mind Jimi Hen­drix, Cur­tis May­field, Prince, and even the Black Keys. Son Lit­tle dis­plays his vo­cal range es­pe­cially well in “Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches,” which com­bines blues and roots over­tones. But the reg­gae in­flec­tions take cen­ter stage in the fi­nal track, a remix by RJD2 of “Cross My Heart” (the orig­i­nal ap­pears as the third track on the al­bum). The poppy synth line fea­tured in Son Lit­tle’s ver­sion has been ex­cised by RJD2 in fa­vor of shim­mery melod­ics and a clas­sic reg­gae one-drop drum pat­tern. In 2011, Liv­ingston and RJD2 re­leased a col­lab­o­ra­tive al­bum, The Aban­doned Lul­laby, un­der the name Ice bird. Their joint com­po­si­tions are char­ac­ter­ized by thickly lay­ered in­stru­men­ta­tion and fairly tra­di­tional song struc­tures, whereas Son Lit­tle’s solo work shows a bit more range and dar­ing. The weak point of this very-lis­ten­able EP may be its rep­e­ti­tious lyrics, which some­times lean too heav­ily on the crutch of say­ing some­thing two ( or more) times in a row, when once would have suf­ficed. — Loren Bienvenu

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