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Mer­cury just turned ret­ro­grade, which it does for three weeks three times a year. This is al­ways an oc­ca­sion to re­view, re­fresh, re­mem­ber, and pick up our pieces.

It’s im­por­tant to prac­tice ba­sic Mer­cury ret­ro­grade skills and be care­ful of the mes­sages you send, keep track of im­por­tant per­sonal items, and avoid ac­ci­dents due to lack of at­ten­tion. Con­firm reser­va­tions. As­sume con­flict is based on a mis­un­der­stand­ing. When you sched­ule events, ac­count for de­lays. Stop push­ing new work for­ward and fin­ish what’s al­ready on the ta­ble.

This ret­ro­grade cy­cle may also bring us back to an old story about our per­sonal or col­lec­tive his­to­ries and ask us to look a lit­tle deeper, see things more clearly, and make repa­ra­tions so the past can nour­ish us and not re­strict us to old and un­pro­duc­tive pat­terns.

Over the week­end, an en­er­gized if feisty Aries moon in­stills an urge in us to cre­ate new begin­nings, but it’s bet­ter to clear up un­fin­ished business first.

The week starts slow un­der a Taurus moon. Seek out an ur­gent short­term project that looks like it’s only a side­bar but needs to be dealt with now. Venus joins Mars and Nep­tune in Pisces on Tues­day and adds to this spacey, in­tu­itive, and po­ten­tially pas­sive-ag­gres­sive time. Watch po­lit­i­cal de­ci­sions be­ing made on faith, imag­i­na­tion, and il­lu­sion in­stead of on logic and a clear grasp of facts. Let’s be care­ful how we pro­ceed.

Fri­day, Jan. 23: En­ergy swirls in place with lit­tle for­ward move­ment. Keep prac­ti­cal ex­pec­ta­tions low un­der this sub­tle Pisces moon. We need low-key rest or a mo­ment in a mag­i­cal realm tonight.

Satur­day, Jan. 24: The mood is antsy and am­bi­tious but not ef­fi­cient as the moon en­ters feisty Aries and trines se­ri­ous Saturn. Be care­ful around an edgy ir­ri­ta­tion or a re­turn to old anger. Tonight, sus­pend ex­pec­ta­tions and at­tend to the needs and joys of the mo­ment.

Sun­day, Jan. 25: We want to change it up this morn­ing but may have some karmic re­spon­si­bil­i­ties to com­plete or strangely piv­otal events to re­spond to as the Aries moon squares Pluto. A po­ten­tially un­com­fort­able morn­ing can un­fold into a more ex­pan­sive and gen­er­ous af­ter­noon as the moon trines Jupiter.

Mon­day, Jan. 26: The mood is stub­born and set­tled to­day as the moon en­ters earthy Taurus. Get a steady groove go­ing and pur­sue that which takes en­durance rather than fi­nesse or flex­i­bil­ity.

Tues­day, Jan. 27: We may feel squishy and ten­der as Venus en­ters Pisces. Fi­nesse a new un­der­stand­ing or sense of beauty or change some un­com­fort­able dy­nam­ics with em­pa­thy. Tonight, gen­eros­ity brings am­ple re­turns as the Taurus moon squares Jupiter.

Wed­nes­day, Jan. 28: Tend to mun­dane chores — like laun­dry or fil­ing — this morn­ing, when en­ergy swirls in place, mak­ing it hard to build mo­men­tum. We get nervy and in­ter­ac­tive this af­ter­noon as the moon en­ters Gemini, but if we find our­selves at cross-pur­poses or un­set­tled by re­la­tion­ship odd­i­ties, stand back and feel the sym­pa­thy.

Thurs­day, Jan. 29: Take the op­por­tu­nity to com­mu­ni­cate while the Gemini moon trines Mer­cury mid­day. Just know that although we’re un­usu­ally open to con­ver­sa­tion, our at­ten­tion spans are short and ner­vous. Around din­ner­time, as the moon squares Mars, this can sharpen tem­pers or re­sult in clum­si­ness if we feel pushed. Set­tle in tonight.

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