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Not one vis­i­ble planet is now in a prac­ti­cal earth sign. Though thought­ful Mer­cury in far­sighted Aquarius gives us in­tel­li­gence with an op­ti­mistic streak, and Venus and Mars in sparky Aries in­fuse us with pas­sion and im­pa­tience, we have to add our own prac­ti­cal­ity to bal­ance out this ex­cit­ing, in­ge­nious en­ergy.

We can be un­usu­ally hon­est about what we want and don’t want and ready to do some­thing about it. This di­rect spon­tane­ity can turn our life into an ac­tion movie. While this im­plies one thing for an artist pulling out of a win­ter slump, it can mean some­thing else en­tirely to a mil­i­tant or­ga­ni­za­tion pre­par­ing its next move.

So keep you eyes open for po­ten­tial prob­lems. Stay alert for pos­si­ble haz­ards and spon­ta­neous op­por­tu­ni­ties, and be ready to re­spond ap­pro­pri­ately.

Cupid gets busy next week as ro­man­tic Venus con­juncts elec­tri­cal Uranus and squares in­tense Pluto. Our hearts can turn to molten lava once the spark strikes and fill with cre­ative artistry or burn for so­cial jus­tice. We can fall in and out of love in a flash, and in a way that changes our lives. So let’s watch where we put our hearts.

The week­end be­gins a bit ten­der, with hy­per­ac­tive de­fense sys­tems un­der a do­mes­tic Can­cer moon. Be hon­est about mixed feel­ings and dial back de­fenses to an ap­pro­pri­ate level. This moon nudges us to change things up at home. Early next week, a beau­ti­ful moon-Jupiter con­junc­tion opens our hearts.

Fri­day, Feb. 27: The moon in Can­cer brings in thoughts from the past, but right now fu­ture con­nec­tions mat­ter most — turn re­lent­lessly for­ward. Watch ir­ri­ta­ble de­fenses around din­ner­time and move into a dreamier, sur­pris­ingly shy evening. Satur­day, Feb. 28: Dis­con­tent urges us to make changes on the home front.

No­tice a flash of dis­cour­age­ment, but don’t be­lieve the story. En­gage in heal­ing con­ver­sa­tion and brain­storm­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties tonight as thought­ful Mer­cury op­poses ex­pan­sive Jupiter. Sun­day, March

1: It’s good to be a lit­tle self-in­dul­gent in a con­scious way and re­fill the wells; oth­er­wise, we tend to be­come un­con­sciously self-cen­tered as the moon en­ters Leo. Don’t ask oth­ers to un­der­stand; do ask them to care. Mon­day, March

2: Get things done. This is a most aus­pi­cious and de­ci­sive day as the Leo moon forms sup­port­ive as­pects to Saturn, Mars, Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter, giv­ing us courage, de­ci­sive­ness, and in­stinc­tive lead­er­ship qual­i­ties — though we can step on one an­other’s toes un­less we lis­ten to one an­other’s opin­ions. Get other peo­ple on board by find­ing what ex­cites them and align­ing your project with their goals. Tues­day, March 3: Make the most of any break in rou­tine, and look for ex­cit­ing new op­por­tu­ni­ties. It’s a great time to buy a new phone or com­puter or upload a web­site. Tend to travel plans. Break pat­terns with peo­ple, bring up scin­til­lat­ing fresh ideas, and cook some­thing dif­fer­ent for din­ner. Wed­nes­day, March

4: Make art or make life it­self an art form. The Virgo moon wants us to get prac­ti­cal, re­mind­ing us of ev­ery­thing that is un­fin­ished, un­done, or needs fix­ing. Venus con­juncts ex­per­i­men­tal Uranus and squares pow­er­ful Pluto and makes our emo­tions sim­mer. Pour that skill and feel­ing into cre­ation. Keep your eyes open for fresh con­nec­tions. Thurs­day, March

5: Be kind. This po­ten­tially cranky or anx­ious full moon in Virgo high­lights the dis­tance be­tween our dreams and our re­al­i­ties. Use it to map the next steps. We can feel overex­tended, so take one step at a time.

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