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It’s a great week to stare up at the night sky. All is lovely when we have time to re­lax, but any­thing more prac­ti­cal might not be so easy. Thanks to Mer­cury ret­ro­grade and square Nep­tune, we’ve been deal­ing with com­mu­ni­ca­tion glitches and mood swings that can take us way in­side one minute and then make us rest­lessly so­cial the next.

The pat­tern be­gins to change over this week. Venus en­ters Leo this morn­ing, trines Saturn over the week­end, and en­cour­ages us to so­cial­ize. With this chal­lenged Mer­cury, we may think we’ve let our beloveds know what we need and ei­ther don’t get the mes­sage across clearly, or our needs clash with their own emo­tional pat­terns, and no one feels heard. We must be pa­tient, pay at­ten­tion, and take turns.

We may also have more en­ergy and a de­sire to get out of the ham­mock and start those de­ferred projects as en­er­giz­ing Mars sex­tiles ex­pan­sive Jupiter this week­end. But we can try to push things ahead of sched­ule. So get started, but go slowly. Tim­ing and pac­ing will make a world of dif­fer­ence.

Re­mem­ber this to­ward the end of the week as the moon en­ters impatient Aries, just as Mer­cury turns di­rect late Thurs­day. We can rush ahead and bar­rel straight into a wall; feel the revving en­gines but watch the road. Next week we get a green light.

Fri­day, June 5: We see how our per­sonal needs can up­stage our pro­fes­sional needs, or un­cover an­other layer of our work un­der a durable Capricorn moon. As Venus en­ters Leo mid­day, we are in­fused with emo­tional ur­gency. Tonight we may want to hog the spot­light, but need to fo­cus on group dy­nam­ics as the moon en­ters com­mu­nity-ori­ented Aquarius. Satur­day, June 6: Look for beauty from the past: an­tiques or a dear old friend re­turn­ing. If we’re feel­ing lonely, find a group to mix pol­i­tics, art, and so­cia­bil­ity as Venus trines Saturn and can bring un­usual quirks of con­ver­sa­tion. Ran­dom mean­ings may have pro­found ef­fects. Sun­day, June 7: It’s a good day to have iced tea in the shade and pon­der how to fix the world. If we can rest up and flow, let’s do so; the en­ergy me­an­ders. Avoid giv­ing ad­vice; we can pon­tif­i­cate eas­ily and in­sen­si­tively. Keep ex­pec­ta­tions low, and let the wells re­fill. Mon­day, June 8: This morn­ing has frus­trat­ing mo­ments but the mood soft­ens, be­com­ing sen­si­tive and un­fo­cused as the Pisces moon con­juncts Nep­tune tonight. Div­ina­tion, gar­den­ing, de­sign, and ther­apy can help us tune into our per­cep­tions. If feel­ings are hurt, check for mis­un­der­stand­ings first. Tues­day, June 9: Mars sex­tiles Uranus and gives us the de­sire to force change just as the dreamy Pisces moon leaves us drift­ing. Work around ob­sta­cles. Use in­ge­nu­ity to solve prob­lems al­ready present rather than go look­ing for new ones. Pa­tience, pa­tience. Wed­nes­day, June 10: We step on the gas and the brakes at the same time as the moon en­ters proac­tive Aries while Mer­cury ap­pears to hold still. Har­ness the rest­less­ness, do pre­lim­i­nary work or tackle an old prob­lem. We just have to be care­ful not to tackle one an­other, as it may be tempt­ing. In the morn­ing, in­ter­rupted com­mu­ni­ca­tion pro­duces an ur­gency to speak that we may re­gret. Later, a change of scene or change of mind­set fur­thers. Thurs­day, June 11: This morn­ing is twitchy; oth­ers just don’t do what we want. Gen­er­ous in­tent re­turns mid­day, but the blus­tery winds of the soul swirl in place un­til Mer­cury turns di­rect late this af­ter­noon. Drive care­fully and keep an eye out for storms or stormy peo­ple. www.roan­rob­

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