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This week the en­ergy still swirls and brings up our self-doubts, dreams, un­usual sen­si­tiv­ity to beauty, and whiffs of de­pres­sion, even as events pick up speed. Mer­cury, pa­tron saint of com­mu­ni­ca­tion and moder­nity, turned di­rect yes­ter­day, but we’re not out of the men­tal fog yet. Mer­cury forms a chal­leng­ing square to con­fus­ing Nep­tune one more time.

Sym­bol­i­cally, this means we can con­tinue to en­joy this sum­mer’s imag­i­na­tive Nep­tu­nian haze, but we’ve got to straighten out de­lays, prob­lems, or mis­un­der­stand­ings that have re­cently oc­curred. We may not even know about some of the glitches yet, but we’ll find out as we go along.

Af­ter a softer Fri­day, we head into a piv­otal week­end rife with ner­vous en­ergy and quirky tim­ing. Pleas­antly quick dia­logue or po­ten­tially sharpedged de­bate hover over deeper ques­tions about se­cu­rity, work, and life’s pur­pose as we wait for the tide to turn.

A cer­tain impatient phys­i­cal­ity in­creases as the sun ap­proaches a con­junc­tion to Mars on Sun­day and can make us more ir­ri­ta­ble about de­lays as well as the quirks of the hu­man psy­che. But let’s just chill and deal with it; an ac­cept­ing at­ti­tude with wry pa­tience can help us not to snag on the rough edges.

Early next week we may launch into projects and then get dis­tracted by per­sonal is­sues or need more in­tro­spec­tion than we’d like, but we’ll keep the mo­men­tum go­ing.

Fri­day, June 12: This morn­ing has a slow and sen­sual qual­ity. Mid­day is per­fect for sit­ting in a ham­mock, but it can be frus­trat­ing to fol­low through on new projects; even though we’re work­ing through the men­tal fog, it’s im­por­tant to co­or­di­nate plans for the next few weeks. Tonight, pri­or­i­tize ca­ma­raderie and good taste. Satur­day, June 13: It’s a sweet day for a grad­u­a­tion or other rit­u­als of com­ple­tion. Keep a steady pace; don’t rush. Evening brings out our sybaritic qual­ity; eat well, flirt, and de­bate un­der the stars as Venus chal­lenges Mars. Like a rub­ber band that snaps back af­ter be­ing overex­tended, strong emo­tions are re­leased. Sun­day, June 14: Our path may turn be­cause ei­ther we are com­plete and ready to strike out anew or cir­cum­stances are shift­ing around us, and the road curves as the sun con­juncts Mars. The en­ergy is edgy; talk it out, but sort anx­i­ety from re­al­ity and in­voke hu­mor. Raise long-term ques­tions about work and pur­pose. The mood be­comes more ir­rev­er­ent and ex­citable tonight. Mon­day, June 15: And now what? That is the ques­tion of the day. Use this softer, funny, short-at­ten­tion-span day to do some in­ter­per­sonal heal­ing. Our taste may be ques­tion­able; avoid long-term aes­thetic de­ci­sions. Tues­day, June 16: A new moon starts a cy­cle of un­der­stand­ing and out­reach. Launch ideas this af­ter­noon, but don’t be sur­prised if they don’t quite co­a­lesce yet. The moon en­ters Can­cer and en­cour­ages us to check our gut in­tu­ition. Help peo­ple feel com­fort­able and watch the spirit open. Wed­nes­day, June 17: Let’s use imag­i­na­tion, en­vi­sion a dif­fer­ence, and share the dream as the moon trines Nep­tune. But don’t let an ephemeral self-con­scious­ness con­vince us to throw up de­fenses. Slow down and honor a wave of em­pa­thy tonight as the moon op­poses Pluto. Thurs­day, June 18: A cranky or self-protective morn­ing can un­set­tle us as the moon squares Uranus. We need to fix the lit­tle things that leave us dis­con­tented. Although it’s a good day to change our diet, peo­ple may have di­ges­tive prob­lems or not be able to di­gest what we want to tell them. Speak kindly.

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