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Pasatiempo - - PASATIEMPO - Heather Roan Rob­bins

seeds, and veg­eta­bles around us, it’s time to ripen, to grow per­son­ally rather than run around. And, like the bur­geon­ing pro­duce, we need to pro­vide nour­ish­ing cir­cum­stances for one another and revel in sun­shine and fresh air as sum­mer be­gins on Sun­day.

Since late April we’ve been un­der a mag­i­cal but con­fus­ing square be­tween Mer­cury and Nep­tune. This week we’ve also dealt with an en­er­giz­ing sun-Mars con­junc­tion that has made for some great ver­bal spar­ring, but made it all too easy to spike quickly into anger. Both as­pects ta­per off af­ter this week­end and let us build some mo­men­tum.

This week­end we can look west just af­ter sunset to see a beau­ti­ful Venus, moon, and Jupiter con­junc­tion in Leo, a boun­ti­ful as­pect that can con­fer un­usual luck and ca­ma­raderie. In­di­vid­ual re­la­tion­ships can flour­ish or they could suf­fer from sur­plus of emo­tional ex­pec­ta­tions, un­less we open the heart with com­pas­sion.

Un­der this con­junc­tion, sum­mer sol­stice gath­er­ings and arts fes­ti­vals will be mem­o­rably cre­ative. We might as well en­joy this magic be­cause prac­ti­cal changes will be eas­ier to­ward the end of the week. On Sun­day a bit­ter­sweet mood hits as both the sun and moon leave ex­tro­verted signs and turn in­wards; the sun en­ters Can­cer and the moon en­ters Virgo, bring­ing our at­ten­tion back to our fam­ily, back to our mem­o­ries and soul’s long­ing.

Next week could bring a wake-up call. What­ever we’ve been avoid­ing or have mis­un­der­stood be­comes more trans­par­ent.

FRI­DAY, JUNE 19: The mood is abrupt but friendly; it’s hard to get out of our own per­spec­tive, but later, as the moon ap­proaches a con­junc­tion to Venus, our hearts warm up. En­gage whole­heart­edly with the com­mu­nity. Cre­ativ­ity and at­trac­tion are in abun­dance, though our tem­pers can stay twitchy.

SATUR­DAY, JUNE 20: The day is serendip­i­tous as the Leo moon con­juncts Venus and Jupiter. We’re not think­ing too clearly. Though we can be gra­cious and gen­er­ous, we may not no­tice what oth­ers need.

SUN­DAY, JUNE 21: Our in­ten­tion and energy will mat­ter more than the de­tails, but we need to pay at­ten­tion to the nuts and bolts of what we do as the moon squares Saturn this morn­ing. Sum­mer be­gins, and our mood shifts, grow­ing more in­ter­nal. The energy is pleas­ant and warm, if a bit de­fen­sive and per­sonal.

MON­DAY, JUNE 22: The mood is cu­ri­ous but un­re­al­is­tic, and an in­ge­nious Jupiter-Uranus trine inspires us to in­ves­ti­gate what we can heal, grow, in­vent, or come to know. Mer­cury squares Nep­tune to­mor­row, so dream away; there’s no point in push­ing the river yet.

TUES­DAY, JUNE 23: We can re­solve some misun­der­stand­ing as Mer­cury squares Nep­tune. As the wa­ters re­cede and the men­tal fog clears, we may dis­cover some dam­age that needs re­pair or have to face a tough re­al­ity we’ve been avoid­ing. But all this can feed our in­ge­nu­ity. Let’s just avoid blam­ing and help one another in­stead.

WED­NES­DAY, JUNE 24: Watch for a pas­sive-ag­gres­sive streak. We want to feel both safe and peace­ful as the Libra moon squares Mars, just en­ter­ing self-pro­tec­tive Can­cer, and we may go about it side­ways. We can turn this in­stinct to nest­ing in­stead of de­fense. Note peo­ple’s prick­les, choose diplo­macy, and of­fer a bloom­ing rose in­stead.

THURS­DAY, JUNE 25: Melan­choly drifts amongst the ver­dant beauty this morn­ing as the moon chal­lenges Saturn and Pluto and leaves us tired in the face of some un­fair­ness or worldly chal­lenge. The af­ter­noon brings more sup­port to make cre­ative changes as the moon sex­tiles Venus and Jupiter. Grat­i­tude can re­fuel our ef­forts. www.roan­rob­

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