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Marvel’s all-star su­per­hero squad is back, with di­rec­tor Joss Whe­don at the wheel again. This in­stall­ment is darker and less fo­cused than be­fore. The orig­i­nal lineup is al­ready a smor­gas­bord, but now the gang has new ad­ver­saries: Quick­sil­ver, Scar­let Witch, and the AI ro­bot Ultron (voiced with smooth creepi­ness by James Spader), who in­sists the only way to save the planet is to kill off the hu­man race. Whe­don hangs on to the hu­mor, and he lends less-de­vel­oped char­ac­ters some depth. We get a few too many wild ac­tion se­quences, and some­times it’s hard to tell ex­actly what’s hap­pen­ing, but the spe­cial ef­fects are eye-pop­ping, and with all that go­ing on, you won’t have time to check your watch. Rated PG-13. 141 min­utes. Screens in 2-D only at Re­gal Sta­dium 14. (Lau­rel Glad­den)

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