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This flashy fea­ture from Brad Bird is the per­fect can-do sci-fi movie for tween girls across Amer­ica; their par­ents, not so much. Casey New­ton (Britt Robert­son) is a whiz kid liv­ing in Florida. Athena, a ro­bot who looks like a lit­tle girl (Raf­fey Cas­sidy, per­fect), slips her a lapel that, when touched, of­fers a glimpse of a fu­tur­is­tic city known as To­mor­row­land. Athena takes Casey to meet the reclu­sive Frank Walker (Ge­orge Clooney), a for­mer To­mor­row­lan­dian who is mon­i­tor­ing Earth’s ap­proach­ing demise. With evil an­droids in pur­suit, the three make their way to To­mor­row­land to save the Earth. The film has its mo­ments, but it’s short on ac­tion, the script gets preachy, and it lacks a clear nar­ra­tive. Rated PG. 130 min­utes. Re­gal Sta­dium 14; DreamCatcher. (Lau­rel Glad­den)

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