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Ber­trand Bonello’s biopic of the de­signer is full of glitz, but in the end it’s like a ma­gi­cian’s trick of spew­ing col­ored scarves across a stage, a riot of vis­ual ex­u­ber­ance but with­out much co­her­ent to say. Hold­ing it to­gether is a de­li­ciously minc­ing per­for­mance by Gas­pard Ul­liel as YSL — if Yves wasn’t like that, he should have been. Bonello man­ages a few in­ter­est­ing montages, such as a split-screen se­quence jux­ta­pos­ing world events of the late ’60s with Saint Lau­rent’s de­signs in the same pe­riod. There’s a lot more splitscreen pres­tidig­i­ta­tion, and a game of slice-and-dice with time se­quences shut­tling be­tween pe­ri­ods of the de­signer’s life, to no good ef­fect. Toss in plenty of booze, drugs, sex, some nice clothes, and a bravura recre­ation of the master’s most fa­mous show, bake for two and a half hours, and there you have it. Not rated. 151 min­utes. In French and English with sub­ti­tles. Re­gal DeVar­gas. (Jonathan Richards)

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