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Ivo (Lem­bit Ulf­sak), an Estonian, agrees to re­main be­hind and help a friend harvest his tan­ger­ines when the rest of the vil­lagers flee eth­nic con­flicts in Ge­or­gia dur­ing the civil war in 1992. Two sol­diers on op­po­site sides of the war sur­vive a bru­tal shootout in the vil­lage, and Ivo takes the in­jured men into his home to re­cover from their wounds — but the en­e­mies con­tinue their fight, trad­ing weapons for barbs and in­sults. Zaza Urushadze’s poignant, and of­ten comic, anti-war film tells the story of a man caught in the mid­dle of other men’s war. Time and prox­im­ity to one another have a hu­man­iz­ing ef­fect on the sol­diers as they tran­scend their dif­fer­ences. Tan­ger­ines is a mov­ing film, nom­i­nated this year for an Academy Award for best for­eign lan­guage film. Not rated. 87 min­utes. In Estonian, Rus­sian, and Ge­or­gian with sub­ti­tles. Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­rary Arts. (Michael Abatemarco)

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