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The year is 2029 and John Con­nor (Jason Clarke) is fight­ing a los­ing war against the robots. Con­nor sends a lieu­tenant named Kyle (Jai Court­ney) back to 1984 to pre­vent the robots from stop­ping the hu­man re­sis­tance be­fore it be­gins. Alas, the 1984 Kyle re­turns to is not the one we know, and is some kind of al­ter­nate re­al­ity. But who cares about this non­sense? Old man Sch­warzeneg­ger faces off against a CGI-ren­dered young Sch­warzeneg­ger, and that’s all that mat­ters. Rated PG-13. 125 min­utes. Screens in 3-D and 2-D at Re­gal Sta­dium 14. Screens in 2-D only at Vi­o­let Crown; DreamCatcher. (Not re­viewed)

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