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Emily (Tay­lor Schilling) and Alex (Adam Scott) have just moved to Los An­ge­les when Kurt (Jason Schwartz­man) in­vites them to dine with him and his wife, Char­lotte (Ju­dith Go­drèche). It’s ob­vi­ous from the be­gin­ning that some kind of swing­ing will hap­pen be­tween the cou­ples, but how they will re-cou­ple re­mains un­clear as the ten­sion builds. Strong act­ing and sting­ingly un­com­fort­able laugh­out-loud mo­ments are tem­pered by the movie’s sur­face-level treat­ment of un­ful­filled long­ing. Rated R. 79 min­utes. Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­rary Arts. (Jen­nifer Levin)

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