ARTIST: Vi­cente Griego, singer PALO: Soleá por Bulería VENUE: El Farol

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Soleá por Bulería is Joaquín Encinias’ solo [at El Farol]. Soleá comes from the Span­ish word for soli­tude. It’s not a lonely kind of soli­tude, though. It means a rich soli­tude, one you value. Bulería is a lit­tle faster. You’ve got your grand­mother as la soledad and your funky grand­daugh­ter as a Bulería.

“One le­tra goes, ‘I walk to the open fields at night and even the rocks be­gin to weep be­cause that is the agony and de­spair that you make me carry.’ Soleá is heavy; it’s a cry, a tes­ti­mony of life ex­pe­ri­ence. It can be the breath of life, or the last gasp of death.

“Fla­menco can be play­ful, like smack-talk­ing in hip-hop. It’s a dou­ble-edged sword. There are al­ways con­tra­dic­tions. ‘Here comes your mother. She’s the rea­son our love has to die.’ ”

Griego started his ca­reer as a per­former in a punk band, but was in­tro­duced to fla­menco by a well-known can­ta­dor whose son was the drum­mer in his band. “His son said, ‘Hey guys, lis­ten to this.’ He asked his dad to sing and I thought, ‘Hey, I’m one of those.’ ” A trip to the In­ter­na­tional Fla­menco Fes­ti­val, [which in­cluded] per­for­mances by some of Spain’s lead­ing fla­menco artists and mu­si­cians, changed his life. He en­rolled at the In­sti­tute for Fla­menco Arts in Al­bu­querque and even­tu­ally made a pil­grim­age to Spain to learn from the mas­ters. “El Ve­neno, a can­ta­dor from Madrid, was my men­tor. A men­tor­ship is re­quired.”

Vi­cente Griego

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