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IT IS ONE OF LIFE’S HU­MOR­OUS QUIRKS that stu­dents head back to school ev­ery year un­der this in­dus­tri­ous Virgo qual­ity, when they are most ready to learn, but also most mis­er­ably self-con­scious and self­crit­i­cal — one of Virgo’s shadow sides.

Jupiter sym­bol­izes what frees us, ex­pands our hori­zons, and also what we overdo. Jupiter re­cently en­tered Virgo for this next year; it tells us that work can set us free, and re­minds us that there is no greater gift than good health. Mer­cury is al­ready in Virgo, and the sun en­ters Virgo this week­end, prof­fer­ing the abil­ity to sort, learn, di­gest and ab­sorb, har­vest and heal.

But this year, Venus and Mars, the two plan­ets that sym­bol­ize our so­cial-emo­tional mi­lieu, are still in con­fi­dent Leo through Septem­ber, in­fus­ing our per­son­al­i­ties with bravado and panache. Here they can help us cre­ate new com­mu­ni­ties at work and school, though they can leave us drag­ging our feet when it’s time to buckle down to work. We need both the Vir­goan in­dus­tri­ous­ness and the Leo­nine warm heart, be­cause the busier we be­come, the more im­por­tant it is to keep our soul in­volved and our op­ti­mism en­gaged.

FRI­DAY, AUG. 21: The mood can be a lit­tle pompous but hard­work­ing this morn­ing as the sun squares Saturn un­der a Scorpio moon. Peo­ple can get snap­pish or will­ful, sud­denly anx­ious about im­pend­ing work. Turn this frus­tra­tion into ac­tion by stay­ing self-re­spon­si­ble. Tonight, no­tice ap­proach-avoid­ance feel­ings about peo­ple, con­sider watch­ing a movie or other tan­dem, but not in­ter­ac­tive, ac­tions.

SATUR­DAY, AUG. 22: We may need to put­ter around in our in­te­rior world this morn­ing and can re­sent out­side de­mands. Un­cer­tainty creeps in, but in­stead of sec­ond-guess­ing what we’ve al­ready done, let’s in­ves­ti­gate new pos­si­bil­i­ties. Op­ti­mism comes in as the moon en­ters Sagittarius this af­ter­noon; soon we’ll be ready to so­cial­ize and de­bate.

SUN­DAY, AUG. 23: Har­vest sea­son be­gins as the sun en­ters Virgo. Although we may be lazy, we feel guilty about rest­ing. Pri­or­i­tize health, sort­ing, and or­ga­niz­ing. Leave room for sweet­ness of the soul this af­ter­noon.

MONDAY, AUG. 24: Rather than push work for­ward, be­gin to let go of the sum­mer com­mu­nity and re­con­nect with the fall tribe. An­i­mal health and an­i­mal rights need at­ten­tion. Tonight the moon en­ters Capricorn, and we be­gin to plan ahead.

TUES­DAY, AUG. 25: This is a strate­gic day; watch what of­fers come in, what chal­lenges arise in the head­lines and at home, and get a peek at the agenda to come. Morn­ing’s en­thu­si­asm may be daunted by an aware­ness of the depth of the work needed this evening as the moon con­juncts deep Pluto. Plan and rest rather than worry.

WED­NES­DAY, AUG. 26: Op­por­tu­ni­ties are pop­ping to­day. If one doesn’t stum­ble into your life, cre­ate it as the sun con­juncts Jupiter in Virgo. Sign con­tracts and speak truth; words count now. Have a so­lu­tion for the prob­lem at hand. Take a very prag­matic ap­proach.

THURS­DAY, AUG. 27: Re­lax about the de­tails and look at the far hori­zons; en­gage in team­work as Mer­cury en­ters egal­i­tar­ian, op­ti­mistic Libra and the moon en­ters so­cia­ble Aquarius. Speak with straight­for­ward diplo­macy. Late night could bring a stub­born ego clash, un­less we give one another room.

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