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LEARN TO LOVE SLAP­STICK THIS WEEK, en­joy self-deprecating hu­mor, and laugh at oth­ers only with sym­pa­thy. Mer­cury is ret­ro­grade through Oct. 9, but this last week of the cy­cle the sto­ries add up; the lit­tle tech­ni­cal sna­fus, odd mis­takes, and as­sump­tions that slow us down or bring out our un­in­ten­tional in­ner clown test us.

Prob­lems may be less dra­matic and more an­noy­ing this week and will need ex­tra pa­tience. Just as Mars in Virgo can make us hard on our­selves, we can casti­gate our­selves for the small mis­takes or get ir­ri­ta­ble with one another in the process, un­less we breathe deeply and make life about the jour­ney.

Fri­day’s nervy and ver­bal Gemini moon can leave us a lit­tle scat­tered, as if we were jug­gling too many irons in the fire and mix­ing our metaphors. The week­end asks us to nur­ture any frayed per­sonal con­nec­tions.

Early next week we be­come self-in­volved and run around with­out a clear di­rec­tive as Mars op­poses Nep­tune. Mid­week could be event­ful — we feel like things are of life-and-death im­por­tance, though only very few of them are, and feel pres­sure to make de­ci­sions. We need to sort out what re­ally war­rants our at­ten­tion and where it would be best to wait un­til we have more in­for­ma­tion.

The energy shifts on Thurs­day as Venus and the moon con­junct in Virgo — we are more lov­ing, affectionate, and com­pas­sion­ate.

FRI­DAY, OCT. 2: This morn­ing may bring con­fus­ing sig­nals. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion im­proves mid­day. We are ver­sa­tile, but may feel spread too thin. Tonight a change of scene ben­e­fits us as the moon sex­tiles Uranus.

SATUR­DAY, OCT. 3: The mood is pleas­antly so­cial this morn­ing. Our con­cen­tra­tion can be ter­ri­ble if we are try­ing to bring some­thing to com­ple­tion, but we can make progress as we buzz about from one er­rand to another. The mood turns in­ward and grows self-pro­tec­tive and a tad needy as the moon en­ters Can­cer around din­ner­time. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­comes frayed late tonight; smile more and say less.

SUN­DAY, OCT. 4: The moon trines Nep­tune this morn­ing; wak­ing up may be hard to do. Mid­day, as the moon squares the sun, don’t take peo­ples’ lack of co­op­er­a­tion per­son­ally. Peo­ple get their feel­ings hurt easily, so let’s be warm­hearted. Tonight we be­come melan­choly as the moon op­poses Pluto.

MON­DAY, OCT. 5: Our un­cer­tain­ties swirl this morn­ing, and it’s hard to get mo­men­tum go­ing. Odd lit­tle side ac­ci­dents oc­cur if we are not clear and com­mit­ted. Find a place of clar­ity and move for­ward with con­fi­dence, or hold still and learn more be­fore pro­ceed­ing.

TUES­DAY, OCT. 6: This could be an event­ful day; our con­fi­dence re­turns as the moon en­ters Leo, but this may cause false moves. Our minds sharpen as Mer­cury sex­tiles Saturn. No­tice power plays; move to­ward wis­dom, not re­ac­tion.

WED­NES­DAY, OCT. 7: Make sure ev­ery­one feels ap­pre­ci­ated, com­forted, heard, and or­ga­nized af­ter re­cent dif­fi­cul­ties. Soothe egos and strengthen con­nec­tions rather than push ahead; time spent re­pair­ing re­la­tion­ships, with a lit­tle self-in­dul­gence on the side, will be a good in­vest­ment.

THURS­DAY, OCT. 8: Right be­fore Mer­cury turns di­rect to­mor­row, Venus and the moon en­ter Virgo, con­junct, and ask us to take a lov­ing in­ven­tory of our­selves and our sit­u­a­tion. Sym­pa­thize with oth­ers and celebrate the heal­ing; look for im­prove­ments we can make right in this mo­ment. Sta­tion­ary Mer­cury makes it hard to get trac­tion, but this al­lows us to edit, ren­o­vate, and as­sess.

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