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usu­ally live out the sym­bols of the tran­sits, but each sym­bol has a wide range of ex­pres­sion, and it’s our soul’s choice how we re­spond. There is no as­tro­log­i­cal ex­cuse for ter­ri­ble events, be­cause we all em­ploy free will.

This year’s defin­ing as­pect, the back­drop over which the faster-mov­ing weekly tran­sits en­act, is a chal­leng­ing square be­tween Saturn as a sym­bol of bound­aries, tra­di­tion, dis­ci­pline, author­ity, and re­stric­tion, and Nep­tune, sym­bolic of in­tu­ition, imag­i­na­tion, and spir­i­tu­al­ity on its pos­i­tive side; re­li­gion, wa­ter, oil, on the prag­matic level; and delu­sion, ad­dic­tions, poi­son­ing, and mar­tyr­dom in its most chal­leng­ing form.

We can feel con­fused or de­pressed about all our Saturn is­sues, about our work or safety, author­ity struc­tures, and per­sonal tra­di­tions. We ex­pe­ri­ence leaky (Nep­tune) bound­aries (Saturn) on a per­sonal and in­ter­na­tional level, and need to wisely strengthen our edges. We may see re­stric­tions caused by lack of oil or com­pas­sion, drought and flood, and/or ex­pe­ri­ence a cri­sis of faith.

But by the end of the year we may have a clearer pic­ture about what creates se­cu­rity. We have an op­por­tu­nity to de­velop more per­sonal author­ity and hold au­thor­i­ta­tive struc­tures ac­count­able.

Both the sun and Mer­cury en­ter Sagit­tar­ius this week­end; this Sagit­tar­ius in­flux en­cour­ages peo­ple to think in global terms and speak hon­estly, but they may speak with­out fil­ter­ing for diplo­macy. We can re­mem­ber what we are grate­ful for and build from there, if we’re hon­est with our­selves.

FRI­DAY, NOV. 20: We feel vul­ner­a­ble un­der a sen­si­tive Pisces moon. Mer­cury en­ters Sagit­tar­ius and can help us find new lay­ers of truth but not nec­es­sar­ily new lay­ers of wis­dom; that’s up to us. Be kind, as ev­ery­one’s feel­ing so raw.

SATUR­DAY, NOV. 21: The moon en­ters feisty Aries. We’re tempted to act to relieve an in­te­rior dis­com­fort, and that can get us into trou­ble. Put this rest­less­ness to good use — ex­plore, con­nect, and re­pair. Pri­or­i­tize safety. This evening is moody and dis­con­nected, but we can hold hands while we roam around.

SUN­DAY, NOV. 22: The mood could lighten up, or we could shift into ac­tion gear. It helps to move, to dance, to get on a moun­tain­top and get some per­spec­tive. Get into high gear, move fur­ni­ture, and pre­pare the house for Thanks­giv­ing.

MON­DAY, NOV. 23: As the moon en­ters sta­bi­liz­ing and stub­born Tau­rus, tem­pers tend to ei­ther calm down or en­trench them­selves, but there’s now more room for col­lab­o­ra­tion and for prac­ti­cal, rather than re­ac­tionary, re­sponses. We’re mul­ti­task­ing and can be eas­ily dis­tracted, so make lists and or­ga­nize.

TUES­DAY, NOV. 24: Un­set­tled events leave us con­fused or un­sure about where we’re go­ing or how we’re go­ing to pull this off. Take one prac­ti­cal next step, and then an­other, and re­assess. The evening brings more cer­tainty, but can leave us feel­ing de­pressed or over­worked.

WED­NES­DAY, NOV. 25: Con­firm travel plans and keep lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tion open. Pay at­ten­tion to weather, and play it safe. Ex­per­i­ment with recipes, but be at­ten­tive — salt and sugar can change places. Find hu­mor in slap­stick in­stead of get­ting even more fraz­zled when the mis­takes oc­cur.

THURS­DAY, NOV. 26: Con­ver­sa­tion buzzes and many hands can make the work light, though peo­ple tend to talk over one an­other. Let’s not take our food or com­pany for granted, but bol­ster the com­mu­nity and strength we need to han­dle all larger prob­lems.

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