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THIS WEEK’S AS­TRO­LOG­I­CAL PAT­TERNS are really tricky and could pre­cip­i­tate break­downs and break­throughs, in­sti­gate trou­ble, and push us into in­ge­nious new un­der­stand­ings. We need to deal with any prob­lem or con­flict in as clear, neu­tral, and trans­par­ent a way as pos­si­ble, or it will fer­ment and ex­plode. Keep it clean, and this week’s cre­ative dis­con­tent can launch us into a wildly pro­duc­tive month. It will be an ac­tive time one way or the other.

The emo­tional planet Venus moves out of Li­bra and into emo­tion­ally deep Scor­pio just as ac­tion-ori­ented Mars squares pow­er­ful Pluto and op­poses change-pro­duc­ing Uranus. Just when we’re sup­posed to be all sweet­ness and light for the hol­i­days, old pains can sur­face and our at­ti­tude grows more bel­liger­ent and unlov­ing un­less we choose to tran­scend this. The sym­bol for Scor­pio is a scor­pion and a phoenix, the low­est and high­est el­e­ments of the zo­diac.

Be care­ful around any sud­den emo­tional de­ci­sion this week. We may feel par­tic­u­larly trig­gered around is­sues of pos­ses­sive­ness and re­sent­ment. Look for tact­ful, face-saving ways to defuse tension and find some form of shared obli­ga­tion. If we do, there is a real chance of progress later in the week as the sun trines change-in­duc­ing Uranus. Mer­cury en­ters in­dus­tri­ous Capri­corn on Wed­nes­day and helps us move into a pro­duc­tive month ahead. What we pro­duce is up to us.

FRI­DAY, DEC. 4: We prob­a­bly have too much to do this morn­ing as Mer­cury squares Jupiter un­der a nervy, in­dus­tri­ous Virgo moon. Work through the midafter­noon. As the moon en­ters Li­bra later we’re ready to step into our per­sonal life. Sur­face pleas­antries hover over deep feel­ings tonight as Venus en­ters Scor­pio.

SATUR­DAY, DEC. 5: The gen­eral vibe can be so­cia­ble but po­lit­i­cally tricky. The evening grows edgy as the moon con­juncts Mars. Hu­mor trumps tension in most cases, but watch for ac­ci­dents.

SUN­DAY, DEC. 6: This could be the best of days or the worst of days: If we’re lucky, the ex­treme en­er­gies will leave us in a com­fort­able place in the mid­dle. Mars squares Pluto and turns up the vol­ume on many prim­i­tive emo­tions, but also aids strate­gic think­ing. Avoid un­nec­es­sary surgery.

MON­DAY, DEC. 7: Early on, a strong emo­tional torque can make it hard to fol­low through on life’s lit­tle de­tails as the moon con­juncts Venus in Scor­pio. By late af­ter­noon, we may want to step side­ways into our imag­i­nary world, but we can use this imag­i­na­tion to find cre­ative so­lu­tions. Avoid wound­ing com­ments around din­ner, and give peo­ple room tonight.

TUES­DAY, DEC. 8: It’s a day for tough ne­go­ti­a­tions — speak the truth, but don’t make the truth any more un­palat­able than it has to be. Watch for barbed edges, and know when to back away. If we can avoid direct con­fronta­tion and in­tro­duce our ideas tan­gen­tially, we will see re­sults as the sun trines rest­less Uranus.

WED­NES­DAY, DEC. 9: It’s easy to blame a moody se­ri­ous­ness on the peo­ple around us, but the mood­i­ness is at­mo­spheric. Make progress on on­go­ing work through mid­day, but af­ter teatime peo­ple need a change of scene as the moon en­ters spon­ta­neous Sagit­tar­ius. Ap­pre­ci­ate con­tri­bu­tions that we want to see con­tinue.

THURS­DAY, DEC. 10: We have no pa­tience for things that don’t work or aren’t fair as Mars op­poses Uranus. In­ner ten­sions cause stress and can make us im­pul­sive and en­cour­age us to take risks. We can use this lib­er­at­ing en­ergy to free what’s stuck, but let’s not over­shoot the mark. Laugh to­gether of­ten and cel­e­brate what works.

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