The Lit­tle Gray Lizard in the Color­ful For­est

Pasatiempo - - TEEN POETRY - by El­iz­a­beth Deaguero El­iz­a­beth Deaguero, age twelve, is a sev­en­th­grade stu­dent Cap­shaw Mid­dle School.

One sunny day, long ago in New Mex­ico, there was a lonely gray lizard that lived in a color­ful park. He was walk­ing in the park watch­ing the blue jay, named Jay. Jay was fly­ing in the air with his pretty color­ful blue wings. The gray lizard, whose name was Michael, was also look­ing at the bright flow­ers, and he also saw Fred, the green frog jump­ing in the grass. He watched as the bees danced around the flower patch. Michael wished he would be no­tice­able like the oth­ers. They all had pretty colors. He was sad and thought to him­self, no one no­ticed me.

That day, Michael went to see Owl the Wiz­ard. Michael asked the owl, “Can I have a beau­ti­ful blue tail?” Owl thought for a minute, and said, “Well, I am go­ing to send you on a quest. You will need to go ask all of the other an­i­mals in the park how they get their beau­ti­ful colors.” Michael told the owl that would be hard, be­cause the other an­i­mals don’t no­tice him. Owl told Michael that he needed to do his best in or­der to re­ceive a blue tail. Michael thought to him­self for a minute and said, “I can do this!” So off he went.

So Michael met up with Jay, who was col­lect­ing branches for his nest. Michael asked Jay, “How did you get your beau­ti­ful blue feath­ers?” Jay said, “Be­cause that is the color of the sky.” Michael walked off shrug­ging his shoul­ders not un­der­stand­ing Jay’s re­sponse.

Michael walked over to the flower patch. He no­ticed wa­ter run­ning through the area and saw pink, yel­low, and red flow­ers every­where. Michael asked one red flower, “How did you get your beau­ti­ful color?” The flower an­swered, “With the help of the sun and the bees.” Michael walked off very con­fused.

Michael saw the green frog, Fred, in the dis­tance on a lily pad in the pond. As he walked closer to the pond, he no­ticed Fred was catching bugs. He asked Fred, “How did you get your beau­ti­ful green color?” Fred said, “Be­cause I love the feel of the wet green grass on my skin.” Michael still did not understand as he walked away.

Michael re­turned to Owl the Wiz­ard and told him what all the an­i­mals had to say. Jay got his colors from the beau­ti­ful sky, the flow­ers had help from the bees and the sun, and Fred the frog loved the green grass. The lit­tle gray lizard was still con­fused, and Owl ex­plained to him, “If you be­lieve in your­self, your true colors will com­ing shin­ing through.”

Michael thought for a mo­ment and then got ex­cited. He just re­al­ized he went around to all the an­i­mals in the park and lost his shy­ness to speak to them. The an­i­mals no­ticed him for the first time when he was ask­ing them ques­tions about their colors, and they were very nice to him. He got happy and felt a warm feel­ing in his heart, as he re­al­ized he had met new friends that day. Michael looked down at his tail and no­ticed it had a beau­ti­ful blue color. He got ex­cited and started run­ning through the park, happy as a lizard could be. Michael yelled out at all his friends in the park, “It’s a beau­ti­ful day!” His friends, Jay, the flow­ers, and Fred looked back at Michael and said, “Wow! You are the beau­ti­ful Blue Tailed Lizard!”

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