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THIS WHOLE MONTH WILL BE OUR TIME to build foun­da­tions for 2016. We have to fin­ish up prior com­mit­ments, re­con­nect with old con­tacts, and dust off that old man­u­script to bring it up to date — or just sit with our mem­o­ries. We may be ef­fi­cient but can best make progress by walk­ing back­ward as thought­ful Mer­cury ret­ro­grades.

Mer­cury ret­ro­grades to con­junct Pluto next week­end, and brings an en­core of emo­tional and tech­ni­cal work that we be­gan in De­cem­ber, when th­ese two last danced to­gether, ask­ing us to do an­other layer of that work. Pay at­ten­tion to is­sues that bring tears to the eyes or melan­choly to the soul, and be care­ful around any sit­u­a­tion that de­lin­eates a stri­dent dif­fer­ence be­tween a good use of power and an abuse of power. If the ten­sion level be­gins to pick up in a con­ver­sa­tion, as­sume it’s a mis­un­der­stand­ing.

With Mer­cury ret­ro­grade we also have to deal with the mer­cu­rial slap­stick that can slow us down for three weeks — we must work around mis­laid mes­sages, crashed servers, stalled cars, and other mes­sages that re­mind us to slow down and be present.

This week­end may start off a bit sparky — but don’t get hooked into a nar­ra­tive of right­eous anger. A cud­dlier Taurus moon en­cour­ages us to rest up and get com­fort­able later in the week­end. Re­la­tion­ships need ex­tra care mid­week — pay at­ten­tion to body lan­guage as much as to words.

Also in mid­week, be par­tic­u­larly care­ful about slips of the tongue or slips on ice as Mer­cury squares Uranus. If we get wound up or feel fraz­zled, let’s take the time to col­lect our­selves.

FRI­DAY, JAN. 15: A feisty Aries moon en­er­gizes us when the road is clear but leaves us quickly frus­trated with im­ped­i­ments. Let’s be diplo­matic mid­day, even when we don’t feel like it. Tonight we can clash, but we’ll en­joy one an­other more if we are amused by our dif­fer­ences.

SATUR­DAY, JAN. 16: Our in­ter­nal gy­ro­scope can spin too fast, and still we get nowhere. If awk­ward mo­ments trip up good in­ten­tions, keep talk­ing and let warmth show through. Tonight, ap­pre­ci­ate crea­ture com­forts as the moon en­ters earthy Taurus.

SUN­DAY, JAN. 17: Re­la­tion­ships can get edgy — our per­spec­tives feel skewed and emo­tions run strong as Venus squares Jupiter. Tackle a task, not one an­other.

MON­DAY, JAN. 18: Get off to an or­ga­nized start as the moon, sun, and Jupiter form a grand trine in Earth signs. Rather than try to change opin­ions or plan ahead, make progress where the work is al­ready out­lined. If peo­ple are stick­lers for pro­ce­dural de­tails, ei­ther work with them or step away. Tonight, find heal­ing words to soften an im­passe.

TUES­DAY, JAN. 19: Many words float by, but that doesn’t mean any real com­mu­ni­ca­tion hap­pens. We can un­cover in­for­ma­tion if we ac­tively seek to un­der­stand, not seek to be right.

WED­NES­DAY, JAN. 20: Work­ing part­ner­ships need ex­tra at­ten­tion and care. Peo­ple can say strange things or make abrupt and po­ten­tially in­ap­pro­pri­ate de­ci­sions as Mer­cury squares Uranus. Breathe deeply be­fore re­act­ing.

THURS­DAY, JAN. 21: If we are awash in feel­ings as the moon en­ters Can­cer and forms a grand trine with Nep­tune and Mars, let the feel­ings flow like flood­wa­ters down a hill­side. De­fenses can trig­ger ir­ra­tionally. Hold hearts gen­tly.

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