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WE MAY FEEL LIKE WE’RE LIV­ING in a ret­ro­spec­tive ex­hibit. Over the last six weeks, events have trig­gered us to look back and re­mem­ber emo­tion­ally in­tense events that changed the course of our lives. This process be­gan right be­fore Christ­mas, as thought­ful Mer­cury first con­juncted in­tense Pluto and set off a cas­cade of mem­o­ries. Mer­cury then turned ret­ro­grade on Jan. 4, and has backed up to con­junct Pluto again this week­end un­der an ex­pres­sive, emo­tion­ally full moon in Leo. Mer­cury piv­ots di­rect on Mon­day and stays con­junct with Pluto through the end of the month.

So while Mer­cury brings our mind to it, let’s take a look at Pluto’s mythol­ogy. Pluto was lord of all that was re­ceived into the earth and all that we dig up from the earth. It may be time to bury our dead, to re­ally lay to rest some­thing that is no longer alive for us — some hope, dream, or grudge. Or it could be time to dig down deep in the caves of our souls and of our cul­ture and find gold and jew­els.

One help­ful and prag­matic way to use this as­pect is to go back to a tough time in our lives and re­con­nect with the good that was buried within — pull up those skills and those con­nec­tions to see what new value we can find. The stock mar­ket tends to re­spond to emo­tional tran­sits rather than log­i­cal ones, and so do the scarier cor­ners of in­ter­na­tional pol­i­tics. Fi­nances and pol­i­tics may stay volatile un­til th­ese aspects even out in Fe­bru­ary.

We can ex­pect ba­sic ret­ro­grade slap­stick — let’s be for­giv­ing when peo­ple are late due to a dead car bat­tery, bro­ken server, or frozen pipes. Make sure ur­gent mes­sages ac­tu­ally get where they are meant to go. Mer­cury turns di­rect on Mon­day, so moods and mes­sages be­gin to straighten out to­ward the end of the week.

FRI­DAY, JAN. 22: We are flooded with feel­ings and mem­o­ries as the sen­si­tive Can­cer moon op­poses Mer­cury and Pluto. Sud­den de­ci­sions made now may need re­con­sid­er­a­tion; sud­den losses can rock the boat. Take ev­ery op­por­tu­nity to build trust.

SATUR­DAY, JAN. 23: This morn­ing calls for cozy com­fort, but our emo­tional needs grow as the moon waxes full in Leo this af­ter­noon. We want melo­drama, com­mu­nity, and a cre­ative process as vi­brant as our feel­ings. All is well if we share the lime­light.

SUN­DAY, JAN. 24: We may step on one an­other’s toes this morn­ing as the Leo moon squares Mars. De­lays are likely. Give oth­ers a mo­ment to shine mid­day and they’ll be co­op­er­a­tive. Tonight, don’t sac­ri­fice more than is use­ful.

MON­DAY, JAN. 25: Mer­cury turns di­rect. Lost items are found and real opin­ions and se­crets re­vealed as the week pro­gresses.

TUES­DAY, JAN. 26: We may feel sleepy and doubt our­selves as the Virgo moon op­poses Nep­tune mid­day. Clar­ify and check facts. Ac­cept what’s im­per­fect but good enough for now. In­stead of crit­i­ciz­ing loved ones, fo­cus on their strong points.

WED­NES­DAY, JAN. 27: Be pre­pared to un­earth un­com­fort­able facts. No mat­ter what it feels like, ride the waves and sup­port one an­other.

THURS­DAY, JAN. 28: Com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­gins to straighten out. The mood is friend­lier, though still guarded. Our sig­nals will still cross and there will be awk­ward mo­ments tonight as the moon squares Venus.

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