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OUR MINDS CAN FEEL AS FOGGY as a cloud set­tling over melt­ing snow — and our bound­aries as squishy as newly thawed mud — while the sen­si­tive sun in Pisces con­juncts in­tu­itive Nep­tune this week­end. This doesn’t need to stop an ex­cit­ing ex­change of ideas, or slow down our ef­forts to get on with new work that may be fer­ment­ing around the edges. We just have to check our facts and our emo­tional as­sump­tions to make sure we are not pro­ject­ing our sto­ries onto the peo­ple around us.

Our thoughts may turn to our spir­i­tual re­sources as the political con­ver­sa­tion shifts to­ward re­li­gion. If we need to drift and dream, let’s just do so safely, curled up with a good book, and not be­hind the wheel of a car.

It is a great time to prac­tice our div­ina­tory tools — to tap into Nep­tune’s gifts and pre­pare for the new as­tro­log­i­cal year that be­gins as the sun en­ters Aries on the ver­nal equinox. A so­lar and lu­nar eclipse com­ing over the next few weeks can help us clear room for fresh ac­tion, and it would be good to have a vi­sion for where we want to go and what we are clear­ing room to hold.

Some of those new ideas per­co­late to­ward the end of the week­end as Mer­cury sex­tiles Uranus. Af­ter a slow Mon­day morn­ing, the en­ergy picks up as the moon en­ters Sagittarius — we rely on peo­ple who have been there for us in the past as Venus sex­tiles Saturn. We need to pick up the ball again quickly, even if we dropped it over the week­end, and re­as­sure one an­other of our de­pend­abil­ity.

FRI­DAY, FEB. 26: Ner­vous­ness can be pro­duc­tive as Mer­cury sex­tiles elec­tri­cal Uranus un­der a friendly Libra moon. Peo­ple say the strangest things — look for truth em­bed­ded in odd com­ments. Tonight we need to un­wind, laugh, and bounce ideas off one an­other.

SATUR­DAY, FEB. 27: Maybe noth­ing feels quite right this moody morn­ing as the moon en­ters fo­cused, pri­vate Scorpio. Our sen­si­tiv­i­ties can break out in a mo­rose, re­sent­ful qual­ity or a ten­dency to look at worst-case sce­nar­ios. Kind­ness helps. The mood evens out as the moon trines the sun tonight; we need com­pan­ion­able soli­tude.

SUN­DAY, FEB. 28: We feel to­tally awash as the sun con­juncts Nep­tune un­der an in­tro­spec­tive Scorpio moon. This can be de­light­ful if we’re safe to drift, dream, and med­i­tate.

MON­DAY, FEB. 29: This morn­ing we may be cranky. Make no de­mands un­til af­ter lunch as the moon en­ters Sagittarius and the caf­feine kicks in. We’d like re­as­sur­ance that our con­tacts are re­li­able and that our friends are there for us as Venus sex­tiles Saturn.

TUES­DAY, MARCH 1: We may be re­ac­tive, re­spon­sive, and a lit­tle out of it in the morn­ing and have some emo­tions to work through as Venus semi-sex­tiles Pluto in the af­ter­noon. Real events can bring up sad­ness or a fear of loss. Let the poignancy open com­pas­sion and help us ap­pre­ci­ate one an­other.

WED­NES­DAY, MARCH 2: Se­ri­ous de­ci­sions need to be made on the f ly this morn­ing as the moon con­juncts Saturn, but th­ese can prob­a­bly be ad­justed mid­day. Cre­ative risks pan out as Venus sex­tiles Uranus.

THURS­DAY, MARCH 3: Work and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties are sat­is­fy­ing but cramp our so­cial style as friendly Venus quin­cunxes Jupiter and the moon en­ters in­dus­tri­ous Capricorn. Find a way to link form and func­tion. Give peo­ple pos­i­tive feed­back on good work. ◀

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