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THE SUN JUST MOVED PAST NEP­TUNE, and now Mer­cury ap­proaches a con­junc­tion with Nep­tune at the end of the week. This keeps us in the fa­mil­iar foggy and in­def­i­nite place we’ve been in for the last few weeks, but with fresh en­ergy and im­pa­tience, as Mars leaves in­tro­verted Scorpio and en­ters up­beat, hon­est, rest­less Sagittarius.

This psy­chic high tide may send a few peo­ple off the deep end, but for most of us, it opens a door to our imag­i­na­tion and in­tu­ition. Look for glimpses of fu­ture trends and sense a shift in the pub­lic mood. Th­ese Nep­tu­nian aspects high­light our need for mu­sic, beauty, for a good book or movie that takes us far away, and for deep spir­i­tual prac­tice. It’s up to us whether we bring any­thing use­ful back to help im­prove our world.

Af­ter a hard­work­ing and some­what ir­ri­ta­ble Fri­day, we shift into a so­cia­ble and in­tel­li­gent, if ar­gu­men­ta­tive, week­end, as a friendly Aquarius moon en­cour­ages us to get out and about and en­gage the con­ver­sa­tion. We can get im­pa­tient as Mer­cury squares Mars this week­end, but let’s think of the fu­ture in­stead.

We’re head­ing into a so­lar eclipse on Tues­day evening, and it’s good to move into an eclipse with a goal and a sense of di­rec­tion. Keep plans f lex­i­ble as to how to get there in or­der to help take ad­van­tage of op­por­tu­ni­ties within the changes.

An eclipse acts like as­tro­log­i­cal acupunc­ture, un­block­ing stag­nant en­ergy and help­ing us re­lease what needs to be re­leased, whether we like it or not. Con­se­quences of old ac­tions come home to roost, and the ground clears for some­thing new. The moon en­ters Aries mid­week and adds mo­men­tum.

FRI­DAY, MARCH 4: This morn­ing we have work to do and can get cranky or re­sent­ful; in­stead, let’s bring our com­pas­sion­ate heart to the ta­ble. We may spin our wheels mid­day, but can so­cial­ize well tonight, though we may need to get our point across. Use cau­tion to avoid mi­nor ac­ci­dents.

SATUR­DAY, MARCH 5: The shift­ing plan­ets help us feel more in­tu­itive and cu­ri­ous as Mer­cury en­ters sen­si­tive Pisces, and the moon en­ters so­cia­ble Aquarius this morn­ing. We want to wres­tle pro­duc­tively, but it’s bet­ter to do so with a con­cept than with one an­other. The mood grows rest­less, hon­est, and more spon­ta­neous tonight as Mars en­ters Sagittarius.

SUN­DAY, MARCH 6: This morn­ing, we stir the coals of old con­cerns and may ques­tion whether we are suf­fi­cient to our task. Mid­day ac­com­plish­ments help clear those cob­webs, but we could still use en­cour­age­ment. Tonight can bring a break­through.

MON­DAY, MARCH 7: Un­set­tled or anx­ious mo­ments per­co­late early. Make over­tures be­fore peo­ple grow prickly-sen­si­tive when the moon en­ters Pisces mid­day. Later, talk about what mat­ters with trusted peo­ple; we all feel vul­ner­a­ble, whether we ad­mit it or not.

TUES­DAY, MARCH 8: It is an im­por­tant day to stay grounded. Be­come en­trenched in san­ity, be­cause oth­er­wise we could feel vul­ner­a­ble. Con­nect in a ten­der and real place. If peo­ple or things leave, look for what can now come in.

WED­NES­DAY, MARCH 9: A soft but po­ten­tially pro­duc­tive morn­ing helps us pre­pare to hit the ground run­ning around noon. Avoid re­sent­ment over re­cent changes — th­ese were prob­a­bly not forced upon us but are a part of our path, though that may be hard to ac­cept.

THURS­DAY, MARCH 10: Lis­ten to dreams and no­tice omens. This morn­ing we may be low on im­pulse con­trol, quite tuned into our in­tu­ition, but not par­tic­u­larly re­al­is­tic, prac­ti­cal, or ob­jec­tive. As­sess, con­nect, and speak from the heart.

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