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AS LONG AS WE’RE NOT IN A HURRY, we can en­joy this weekend’s sweet and mel­low as­pects, per­fect for put­ter­ing in the gar­den or through the farm­ers mar­ket, check­ing in with friends, and catch­ing up with a back­log of emo­tional pro­cess­ing. Venus enters its own sign of Taurus and nur­tures our gar­dens and our re­la­tion­ships.

But if we have spe­cific places to go, things to do, and a tight time­line to get there, we may feel frus­trated. It will help to keep a loose grip on our plans, but be open to serendip­ity. Mer­cury has just turned ret­ro­grade for the next three weeks, join­ing four other plan­ets all ap­pear­ing to back up against the zo­diac from our earthly per­spec­tive.

Over the next few weeks, Mer­cury backs into a grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto, which can bring about power plays or take our minds back to old trou­bles. We may need to sit with our mem­o­ries and get out some old thorns still buried there, or recom­mit to fix­ing an old wrong. But the grand trine can help us find fresh un­der­stand­ing and in­spi­ra­tion.

May Day marks spring’s mid­point. We feel a lit­tle hy­per­sen­si­tive and may lose a lot of de­tails as the en­er­giz­ing sun sex­tiles in­tu­itive, spir­i­tual, ide­al­is­tic Nep­tune. Still, this truly can be a mag­i­cal time to com­mune with na­ture.

En­joy the spring pul­chri­tude be­fore Tues­day. The weekend ends with high-fric­tion as­pects that can make us cranky and lower our im­pulse con­trol, just as me­chan­i­cal gl­itches and hu­man as­sump­tions in­crease. We can di­rect this ir­ri­ta­ble fuel to fur­ther our work or rebel against prob­lems. But let’s hold one an­other and the world in lov­ing kind­ness.

FRI­DAY, APRIL 29: The mood is pleas­antly stub­born, though it’s easy to miss sig­nals and work tan­gen­tially in­stead of co­op­er­a­tively. Slow down, re­con­nect, de­cide on a few select goals, and let ev­ery­thing else wait. The evening has a cud­dly, hu­mor­ous qual­ity.

SATUR­DAY, APRIL 30: We may want to con­nect this morn­ing, but re­la­tion­ships can be strained, as prag­matic chores de­mand at­ten­tion. On this so­cial af­ter­noon, go out­side. Watch for a clash be­tween con­flict­ing needs tonight.

SUN­DAY, MAY 1: Feel­ings are del­i­cate. Talk with the gar­den spir­its; open the heart; dance around the may­pole. As the moon enters sen­si­tive Pisces and the sun as­pects imag­i­na­tive Nep­tune, we are per­me­able, un­re­al­is­tic, and alive — just not ter­ri­bly grounded. MON­DAY, MAY 2: Be gen­tle with one an­other this morn­ing; we may be not be feel­ing ter­ri­bly sharp. Al­ler­gies and other ir­ri­tants can hit del­i­cate nerves. Mid­day can bring a grim streak as this soft mood hits work­day re­al­i­ties, but the day ends on a more com­fort­able note if we can sup­port one an­other.

TUES­DAY, MAY 3: The moon enters en­er­gized, icon­o­clas­tic Aries and in­fuses us with a de­sire to break away from it all; we’re not in­ter­ested in trivia or rou­tine, but we don’t have to push oth­ers away. Phi­los­o­phize on the na­ture of true free­dom.

WED­NES­DAY, MAY 4: We could wake up with a re­bel­lious chip on our shoul­der. We may also have to ac­cept that we have to re­lease an item, plan, or per­son. Watch for odd power plays. Be cau­tious tonight as the energy swirls er­rat­i­cally.

THURS­DAY, MAY 5: This morn­ing brings ac­ci­dent-prone energy; it’s so easy to say some­thing we don’t re­ally mean. Keep a five-sec­ond de­lay on im­pulse and don’t read too much into in­ter­per­sonal fric­tion. The day smooths out as the moon enters Taurus, and we can re­con­nect tonight. Show love through con­crete help.

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