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When the mem­bers of a broke punk rock band strapped for cash take a gig in the back­woods of Ore­gon, they wit­ness a mur­der and find them­selves the tar­gets of a group of Nazi skin­heads. The band mem­bers (An­ton Yelchin, Alia Shawkat, Cal­lum Turner, and Joe Cole) bar­ri­cade them­selves in the club’s green room while the skin­heads, led by Pa­trick Ste­wart in a vil­lain­ous turn, at­tempt to reach them and elim­i­nate wit­nesses. Ste­wart is intimidating as a man who com­mands with a steady, quiet voice, but at times he comes off as too so­phis­ti­cated and in­tel­li­gent to waste his time with rab­ble. Imo­gen Poots puts in a strong per­for­mance as Am­ber, a for­mer white su­prem­a­cist and friend of the mur­der vic­tim who aids the band. There is noth­ing tongue-in-cheek about the bloody car­nage that en­sues (Green Room is not for the squea­mish), but when the pal­pa­ble sense of dread has run its course and the ta­bles have turned, the film set­tles too com­fort­ably into stan­dard thriller fare. Rated R. 95 min­utes. Vi­o­let Crown. (Michael Abatemarco)

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