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PoLLen driFts on the Air, along with a buzz of com­mu­nica­tive chat­ter. The sun and Venus con­junct in Gemini and bring out the so­cia­ble poet in peo­ple. This Gemini buzz can ease con­ver­sa­tions at sum­mer fes­ti­vals or over dinner. We can make new ac­quain­tances eas­ily and en­ter­tain fresh ideas.

But un­der­neath this we are do­ing some deeper work. Mars ret­ro­graded back into Scorpio (through the end of Au­gust), which can swirl the dark cor­ners of our psy­ches and bring out an old ob­ses­sion, a strange fear, or streaks of pos­ses­sive ter­ri­to­ri­al­ity. Be­tween the Gemini men­tal ac­tiv­ity run­ning cir­cles in our minds and Mars in Scorpio stir­ring the depths of our psy­che, we could en­ter the worry Olympics if we let ourselves go there.

A light­weight so­cial ban­ter and buzz lu­bri­cates most of our in­ter­ac­tions, but when we need to be alone, we’ll need to be alone — now.

Over the week­end we may feel pulled be­tween our so­cial life and the chores we need to do un­der an in­dus­tri­ous Virgo. This ten­sion can leave us a lit­tle edgy, but it can help us bond while we gar­den or in­ves­ti­gate some com­mon in­ter­est to­gether as the moon con­juncts ex­pan­sive Jupiter in Virgo.

Friend­li­ness and sum­mer ro­mance could blos­som on Sun­day and early next week un­der a soft­en­ing and so­cia­ble Libra moon as ro­man­tic Venus and the en­er­giz­ing sun form a pleas­ant sex­tile with elec­tri­cal Uranus — an as­pect that gen­tly en­cour­ages us to reach out of our com­fort zone and make pos­i­tive changes.

The week fin­ishes on a more fo­cused, if tru­cu­lent, note — we can get a lot done, but may get a lit­tle twitchy in the process as the Scorpio moon con­juncts Mars. Let’s give peo­ple some ex­tra room and focus on our own work.

Fri­dAy, June 10: Our con­science can be a real nag. We feel wound up — caught be­tween a flut­ter­ing so­cial ex­cite­ment and the drone of re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. Tonight the mood is less re­al­is­tic but more open.

sAtur­dAy, June 11: Chores beckon this morn­ing as the moon squares Saturn. The mood light­ens to­ward noon; we want to im­prove some­thing as the moon con­juncts Jupiter in Virgo. Let’s not over­load one another with help­ful sug­ges­tions.

sun­dAy, June 12: Keep heart and mind open as Venus sex­tiles Uranus. Let go of un­pro­duc­tive emo­tional at­tach­ments. Tonight, have a dinner party as the moon en­ters so­cia­ble Libra and Mer­cury en­ters ver­bal Gemini — and our minds buzz.

Mon­dAy, June 13: Af­ter a slow morn­ing, our minds get busy and wires buzz. Our hearts can feel sen­si­tive and want to re­claim at­tach­ments we’ve re­cently re­leased, but we can re­di­rect our focus.

tues­dAy, June 14: Make stress ad­just­ments to work and fam­ily. We’re un­com­fort­able con­tin­u­ing some­thing that isn’t work­ing.

Wed­nes­dAy, June 15: We get snarly as the moon en­ters in­tense and in­tro­verted Scorpio. While this as­pect sharp­ens our focus and helps us con­cen­trate on work we’ve been too dis­tracted to deal with, some­thing can push our but­tons and nudge us to change our pat­terns and heal an old pain.

thurs­dAy, June 16: Adapt, in­te­grate, and get things done. We may be un­usu­ally open and more aware of prob­lems than pos­si­bil­i­ties — which we need to con­sciously fer­ret out.

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