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THE STARS ASK US to sa­vor late sum­mer’s ephemeral beauty and get ready for the new sea­son ahead. Mer­cury turns ret­ro­grade on Tues­day, nudg­ing us to re­view our last year and re­new old friend­ships. We can plant seeds now and pick up work that we let go ear­lier, but we won’t re­ally launch this fall’s en­ter­prises un­til Mer­cury turns di­rect on the equinox, Sept. 22.

On Fri­day night, we can see a beau­ti­ful con­junc­tion be­tween Venus, Mer­cury, and Jupiter in the early evening western sky. This lineup can ex­pand ( Jupiter) our thoughts (Mer­cury) with creativ­ity and care (Venus). They are all lined up in earthy Virgo, which sug­gests that love can be best ex­pressed through un­der­stand­ing what needs to be re­paired, fixed, ap­pre­ci­ated, and healed. This con­junc­tion turns up the vol­ume on our emo­tions; it can make the best even bet­ter, but it can also in­ten­sify the long­ing in our hearts.

This week also of­fers us a chance to dis­solve an old anger or out­moded am­bi­tion. We may have the urge to es­cape, feel sleepy, or need to be dis­creet about our ac­tions as Mars squares Nep­tune. Oth­ers’ in­de­ci­sion can re­ally anger us, but it may be their truth. Any at­tempt to de­ceive can cause prob­lems.

Venus en­ters so­cia­ble Li­bra on Mon­day and can help us fin­ish sum­mer’s emo­tional busi­ness. On Thurs­day a Virgo new moon sig­nals a new work cy­cle that will have trou­ble tak­ing off un­less we are cen­tered and pa­tient. If (and when) ar­gu­ments oc­cur, let’s stop hy­poth­e­siz­ing and find solid facts.

FRI­DAY, AUG. 26: Morn­ing may be nervy and con­fus­ing, ideas and in­for­ma­tion fly around, plans and mind-sets change quickly. Let’s stay flex­i­ble and make them good changes. Af­ter­noon is warm­hearted; evening is so­cia­ble early on. Then we need to nest as the moon en­ters do­mes­tic Can­cer.

SAT­UR­DAY, AUG. 27: Re­lax. This day could be full of sweet­ness and love if we don’t take it too se­ri­ously as Venus con­juncts Jupiter in Virgo. Don’t push peo­ple out of their com­fort zones. Take re­spon­si­bil­ity for your own hap­pi­ness. Look for what is beau­ti­ful and for op­por­tu­ni­ties to share af­fec­tion.

SUN­DAY, AUG. 28: We may feel a bit raw and overex­tended, and we may need time alone or with our beloveds this morn­ing. Mid­day it can feel won­der­ful to help some­one who re­ally needs it, though we may re­sent de­mands from peo­ple we think can stand on their own two feet. Evening brings a soft­en­ing friend­li­ness.

MON­DAY, AUG. 29: Say good­bye to sum­mer friends and reach out to con­tacts needed for the fall. The moon en­ters ex­tro­verted Leo, and Venus en­ters so­cia­ble Li­bra, help­ing us make easy tran­si­tions. Ex­press your­self, but avoid bom­bas­tic over­state­ments.

TUES­DAY, AUG. 30: We can spin in cir­cles as Mer­cury turns ret­ro­grade and steps on the brakes, while the fiery Leo moon trines both Mars and Uranus and steps on the gas. Use cau­tion around ma­chin­ery. Have pa­tience and take ad­van­tage of op­por­tu­nity, but don’t try to push through re­sis­tance. Look for a still­ness in the cen­ter of the spin.

WED­NES­DAY, AUG. 31: De­lays bring out a ner­vous and grumpy edge. We can be­come un­usu­ally aware of our to-do lists as the moon en­ters Virgo — or we can re­lax, do what we can, and let our­selves digest and ab­sorb our lives. Don’t believe an in­ner critic; do cel­e­brate what is work­ing.

THURS­DAY, SEPT. 1: Life can feel so se­ri­ous on this new moon eclipse in Virgo. Our en­ergy may be low, in­se­cure, and neg­a­tive — or we can make this a day to hit the re­set but­ton and recom­mit to our health and the health of the world around us, one gen­tle step at a time.

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