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HAL­LOWEEN AP­PROACHES as the week’s astrol­ogy brings a chal­lenge and a charge. We can get ready to make the most of a sud­den op­por­tu­nity hid­den in the ob­sta­cles. We can also ex­pect blus­ter­ing storms on the cam­paign trail, but we need not in­vite them to our din­ner ta­ble.

The week­end starts un­der a howl-wor­thy full moon in Aries that brings out our in­ner ado­les­cent and our de­sire to act out, to run away and rebel. This as­pect can help us know what mo­ti­vates us, what gives us health and en­ergy. A mo­ment of spon­tane­ity can do us a world of good.

This need for au­then­tic­ity con­tin­ues as Venus leaves brood­ing, po­ten­tially re­sent­ful Scorpio and en­ters hon­est, out­spo­ken Sagittarius on Sunday. We’ll need this more re­laxed, free­wheel­ing Venus in Sagittarius to deal with Wed­nes­day’s in­tense Mars-Pluto con­junc­tion, which amps up our brav­ery and willpower.

In­for­ma­tive Mer­cury’s op­po­si­tion to er­ratic Uranus next week can bring shock­ing news or sud­den ir­ra­tional de­ci­sions, prob­lems with elec­tron­ics and trans­porta­tion, and a gen­eral ner­vous­ness. Be wary of snap de­ci­sions. Life can take on a Star Wars qual­ity: The force is with us, but how will we use it? Let’s keep our eyes on prob­lem­atic ten­sion points to­ward the end of the week, take the time to think through our de­ci­sions and their logical out­comes, and use our willpower for good.

FRIDAY, OCT. 14: En­ergy builds un­der a wax­ing Aries moon; we can use it to con­front a prob­lem rather than one another. A lev­el­headed Mer­curySaturn sex­tile helps us di­rect this en­ergy with san­ity at mid­day, though the moon calls us to howl tonight.

SATURDAY, OCT. 15: This is a tricky and volatile full moon — we can use the en­ergy to ac­com­plish and change if we har­ness our dis­con­tent con­struc­tively. See the prob­lem clearly as thought­ful Mer­cury squares Pluto, but stay hope­ful; con­sider stay­ing away from volatile sit­u­a­tions or be will­ing to get in there and help. Think through the con­se­quences be­fore con­fronting or mak­ing long-term de­ci­sions.

SUNDAY, OCT. 16: Make this a day of rest — ground­ing and heal­ing, ad­just­ing and adapt­ing as the moon en­ters earthy Taurus and brings us back to our bod­ies. We may feel the phys­i­cal toll of re­cent ef­forts and need to re­fill the wells.

MON­DAY, OCT. 17: We may want to in­dulge our senses and have a de­li­cious break­fast. In­ven­tory the sit­u­a­tion: Be­cause so much may be go­ing on this week, it’s good to stay grounded. As Mars ap­proaches Pluto, we can get de­pressed or ir­ri­ta­ble if we don’t feel mo­men­tum build­ing. Volatile sit­u­a­tions pres­sur­ize.

TUES­DAY, OCT. 18: A bur­den lifts and en­ergy shifts as Venus en­ters up­beat Sagittarius and the moon en­ters ver­bal Gemini. It can re­lieve pres­sure to talk about what’s both­er­ing us and com­mu­ni­cate with diplo­matic but rad­i­cal hon­esty. WED­NES­DAY, OCT. 19: Is­sues come to a head and dec­la­ra­tions and de­ci­sions are made as Mars con­juncts Pluto in de­ter­mined Capricorn. Strate­gize, or­ga­nize, and man­i­fest. Keep the long game in mind and side­step un­nec­es­sary ten­sion. It may be nec­es­sary to lis­ten to other peo­ples’ dis­con­tent; we don’t need to take it on, but they need room to ex­press it and feel heard. THURS­DAY, OCT. 20: Look for a change of mind, change of scene, and change of mood as Mer­cury op­poses Uranus. This un­set­tled, nervy day can make us feel in­se­cure or un­cer­tain as the Can­cer moon calls for more pro­tec­tive cir­cum­stances. Ad­just in ways that are pro­tec­tive of soul and hearth but are not de­fen­sive.

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