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RAF Moroc­can­pilot and desert RobertWorld spy War and Ze­meckis’MaxII hooks starts Vatan up off tale (Brad with­like of a Pitt) ro­mance­his rip­ping con­tact, parachutesyarn, and th­eas in­trigue Cana­di­an­beau­ti­fulinto the in French as­sign­ment agent is to Mar­i­anne in­fil­trate BeauséjourNazi cir­cles (Mar­i­onin Casablanca Cotil­lard). and Their carry out an as­sas­si­na­tion by pos­ing as a French mar­ried cou­ple. This de­cep­tion is so suc­cess­ful that they fall in love, marry, and set­tle down in Lon­don, where they have a baby and Mar­i­anne re­tires while Max con­tin­ues in wartime in­tel­li­gence. But there’s a catch, and the last half of the film de­votes it­self to a rev­e­la­tion that will test their mar­riage and their very lives. The movie, like the cou­ple, is much hap­pier in Casablanca, with der­ringdo em­braced by lush lo­cales. Cotil­lard is beau­ti­ful, sexy, and mys­te­ri­ous, but glum sto­icism does not show Pitt to his best ad­van­tage. The plot strains with Panzer-sized holes, and by the end, the movie labors to tap the tear ducts in the Lon­don rain, but de­spite all that, there’s some old-fash­ioned fun to be had. Rated R. 124 min­utes. Re­gal DeVar­gas; Re­gal Sta­dium 14; Vi­o­let Crown; DreamCatcher. (Jonathan Richards)


Dan­nyJessie T. Glover, Usher play Gabrielle mem­bers Union, of Omar a dys­func­tion­alEpps, Mo’Nique,fam­ily who and re­unite for the hol­i­days for the first time since the ma­tri­arch passed away. They at­tempt to make it through the gath­er­ing with ex­ces­sive drink­ing, rough touch foot­ball games, flirt­ing, and try­ing to fix each other up with sin­gle friends of the fam­ily. Rated PG-13. 113 min­utes. DreamCatcher. (Not re­viewed)


Clara has lost a lot. Her youth is long gone, her hus­band is long dead, her nest is empty, her right breast is a dis­tant mem­ory, and now they’re com­ing for her home. But she has a lot left, too. She has plenty of money, an in­domitable at­ti­tude, an un­quench­able beauty, and a lust for life — and she has the great So­nia Braga to play her. A de­vel­oper wants to tear down the sea­side Aquarius apart­ment build­ing, in which Clara is the lone re­main­ing ten­ant; as she digs in her heels, things get ugly. Direc­tor Kle­ber Men­donça Filho has built this story around a num­ber of themes that in­clude fam­ily, class, sex, dig­nity, and predatory busi­ness prac­tices. Braga is the main event here — her im­pe­ri­ous, stylish, gutsy Clara is the pri­mary rea­son to see this movie, but not the only one. Not rated. 142 min­utes. The Screen. (Jonathan Richards)

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