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RA­TIO­NAL­ITY, STEADY AC­COM­PLISH­MENT, EN­DURANCE, PA­TIENCE — this may not sound like a hol­i­day at­ti­tude, but these handy at­tributes are of­fered to us as the sun con­juncts se­ri­ous Saturn, sex­tiles hope­ful Jupiter, and trines rest­less Uranus this week. With this lineup we can feel ter­ri­bly se­ri­ous or con­cerned — which may be an ap­pro­pri­ate at­ti­tude to­ward the world these days — but Satur­nine en­durance and Ura­nian cu­rios­ity can see us through. We just have to reach for it.

We need to choose care­fully how we use our imag­i­na­tion as Mer­cury sex­tiles in­tu­itive Nep­tune. We can be un­usu­ally fed by prayer, med­i­ta­tion, mu­sic, good com­pany, and the magic of the sea­son. As the week­end be­gins, an Aries moon brings out our in­ner rebel, which we can use to re­cover from in­er­tia and make pos­i­tive changes, start­ing with the home en­vi­ron­ment. If we slow down for too long, we might feel the mood grem­lins tug at our sleeves.

A Tau­rus moon over the week­end helps us make more com­fort­able choices. Early next week the moon waxes full in ver­bal Gem­ini and too much will be said by all sides, but we can get the word out. It’s a great time to send pack­ages, run er­rands, or travel. A Can­cer moon brings a more per­sonal, pro­tec­tive note on Wed­nes­day.

We may also be dealt a wild card this week; big things can hap­pen — for bet­ter or worse — bring­ing a sur­pris­ing re­lief or a fresh call to ac­tion. Look for more clues about this year’s agenda on both a per­sonal and po­lit­i­cal note.

FRI­DAY, DEC. 9: Early morn­ing dis­con­tent can mo­ti­vate us to tackle a prob­lem we’ve been avoid­ing. Mid­day brings a po­ten­tial shift — and maybe even a twin­kle to our eye as an ac­tive Aries moon con­juncts change­able Uranus. It’s help­ful to break rou­tine tonight.

SATUR­DAY, DEC. 10: Dream­land lingers this morn­ing as Mer­cury sex­tiles in­tu­itive Nep­tune, but let’s not feed the dol­drums with our imag­i­na­tion. We’ll feel bet­ter if we can find ways to cre­ate beauty, com­fort, con­nec­tion, and safety. Evening be­gins a wel­com­ing flow be­tween hearts if we are mo­ti­vated to con­nect.

SUN­DAY, DEC. 11: We need magic; we can be ready to make a dif­fer­ence, but may have trou­ble fig­ur­ing out where. If we don’t have a clear and use­ful goal, let’s find good peo­ple gath­er­ing for a pur­pose. Tonight, spend a mo­ment or­ga­niz­ing for the week ahead to keep up the mo­men­tum.

MON­DAY, DEC. 12: It’s eas­ier to do 10 things than one. The Gem­ini moon can rev our nerves this morn­ing, leav­ing us more scat­tered than fo­cused. Watch how anxiety and ex­cite­ment are ex­pressed, and chan­nel ner­vous en­ergy ap­pro­pri­ately.

TUES­DAY, DEC. 13: This full moon in Gem­ini can be pleas­antly so­cia­ble in the right cir­cum­stances or nervily frac­tur­ing in oth­ers — we no­tice our in­ter­nal and cul­tural para­doxes. Choose words care­fully. Pour those nerves into last-minute tasks, un­fin­ished pa­pers, and er­rands.

WED­NES­DAY, DEC. 14: The moon en­ters do­mes­tic Can­cer, and we want to go home. It’s a good day to reach out to dis­placed peo­ple and crea­tures and find ways to rec­on­cile with bi­o­log­i­cal and cho­sen fam­ily. De­fenses run high and personalities are edgy, but we want to be­lieve that good is pos­si­ble. THURS­DAY, DEC. 15: The morn­ing may feel tough, our in­ner con­flicts un­com­fort­able as the moon op­poses both Mer­cury and Pluto. If we dive deeply, we can find gems of new un­der­stand­ing. Oth­er­wise, we may just need to hold on and work this through. More op­tions open up mid­day if we jump in and cre­ate a shift. ◀

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