Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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The first side­line story in the fran­chise since it came un­der the helm of Walt Dis­ney Stu­dios is a dark and omi­nous out­ing, de­spite some well-timed hu­mor, most of it on the part of the sar­cas­tic K-2SO (Alan Tudyk), a re­pro­grammed im­pe­rial droid in ser­vice to the re­sis­tance. In the first film, 1977’s

later re­named Star Wars: A New Hope, Princess Leia (Car­rie Fisher) hid the plans for the Death Star in­side R2-D2. an­swers the ques­tion about how ex­actly the re­sis­tance ob­tained those plans in the first place. Set some­time be­tween the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope, episodes III and IV of the se­ries, this lat­est en­try is a sat­is­fy­ing chess game in space.

The story fol­lows the ef­forts of a des­per­ate group of rebels led by Jyn Erso (Felic­ity Jones) on a mis­sion to steal the plans for the Death Star, the plan­et­de­stroy­ing weapon de­signed by her fa­ther Galen (Mads Mikkelsen) against his will. She joins Capt. Cas­sian An­dor (Diego Luna), who has other plans for the im­pe­rial sci­en­tist, who he thinks is a traitor. Join­ing the rag­tag crew are free­lance as­sas­sins Chirrut Îmwe (Don­nie Yen) and Baze Mal­bus (Wen Jiang), along with im­pe­rial de­fec­tor Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed), a pi­lot with a mes­sage for the rebels: Galen has built a care­fully hid­den weak­ness into the Death Star that will bring about its to­tal de­struc­tion. The mes­sage, in true fash­ion, is de­liv­ered by holo­gram to re­sis­tance fighter (and sur­ro­gate fa­ther to Jyn) Saw Ger­rera (For­est Whi­taker). Jyn must con­vince the oth­ers that Galen isn’t just lay­ing a trap and that the mes­sage is gen­uine, a slim ray of hope that comes as the re­sis­tance is pre­par­ing to ac­cept de­feat at the hands of Empire bad­die and Death Star con­trac­tor Or­son Kren­nic (Ben Men­del­sohn).

A ten­u­ous al­liance forms be­tween the he­roes when — against re­sis­tance or­ders — they set off on a se­cret mis­sion to ob­tain the Death Star plans from an im­pe­rial base, chris­ten­ing them­selves the Rogue One, a devel­op­ment that sets the stage for a rau­cous fi­nal hour of ac­tion and suspense. The stakes are high and the fights are bru­tal (for a mostly blood­less film). While is less of a throw­back to the pre­vi­ous movies than was last year’s fran­chise trade­marks like spir­ited repar­tee and ensem­ble cast­ing — plus a few brief ap­pear­ances by some of the gal­axy’s fa­mil­iar faces — should sat­isfy most fans. Darth Vader’s (James Earl Jones) ap­pear­ance, late in the film, marks one of the dark­est mo­ments of any

film and re­minds us why the hel­meted mouth­breather is among the great­est vil­lains in cin­ema. Even Peter Cush­ing, res­ur­rected through a con­vinc­ing use of mo­tion-cap­ture tech­nol­ogy, reprises his role as Grand Moff Tarkin with the help of actor Guy Henry.

works less ef­fec­tively as a stand-alone film, be­cause its story is tied di­rectly to the events of but re­mains nonessen­tial. How the re­sis­tance got ahold of the Death Star plans is a good ques­tion, but one that prob­a­bly didn’t need a whole new film to ex­plain. Part of the point, how­ever, is to ex­pand the uni­verse, par­tic­u­larly af­ter much of what was con­sid­ered canon by fans has been dis­carded by Dis­ney, which is es­tab­lish­ing a canon of its own. The un­der­stated score by Michael Gi­acchino — a pared-down ver­sion of John Wil­liams’ orig­i­nal — and the lack of an open­ing scroll are de­par­tures from the pre­vi­ous films, and we might ex­pect this to be­come tra­di­tion in fu­ture spinoffs; plans for a young Han Solo movie are in the works, pos­si­bly for release in 2018, af­ter the release of next year’s as-yet un­ti­tled episode VIII. But with more death and sac­ri­fice than you might ex­pect, is an en­gag­ing and, at times, mov­ing chap­ter in the saga. — Michael Abatemarco

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