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ona park bench read­ing a tat­tered news­pa­per on a cool Satur­day evening. The squir­rels are run­ning around gath­er­ing their nuts to store be­fore the harsh win­ter comes, the fall leaves scat­ter across the ground while the cool breeze hits them, and the chil­dren run through the streets play­ing their games of tag and hop­scotch. The man forces a smile as he starts to get up, then falls back on the park bench as if his legs went numb. He cracked his jaw and closed his eyes tightly. The man looked around, em­bar­rassed, and saw a beau­ti­ful woman ap­proach­ing him. She sat down next to the man and in­tro­duced her­self. He cau­tiously shook her hand. The woman had told the man she felt as if she had seen him some­where be­fore. The man’s eyes widened. He calmly told her, “no,” got up, and walked away leav­ing the news­pa­per be­hind. The woman grabbed the out­dated pa­per and be­gan to read it. As she was read­ing the pa­per, her at­ten­tion was brought to an ar­ti­cle about a car crash in­volv­ing a young cou­ple. The man made it out with a cracked jaw but no other ma­jor in­juries. The woman suf­fered brain dam­age caus­ing tem­po­rary mem­ory loss. She looked at the pic­ture of the cou­ple and dropped the news­pa­per from her hands. She rec­og­nized her face as well as the man whom she had just sat next to. They were the cou­ple. The woman looked up, saw the man had re­turned with a sin­gle tear fall­ing down his cheek. They stood in si­lence un­til she said his name. The man cracked his jaw again, grabbed the woman’s hand as he sat down next to her, and said her name in re­turn.

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