José Manuel Be­na­vides: San José

circa 1830-1850, poly­chrome bulto

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New Mex­ico His­tory Mu­seum, 113 Lin­coln Ave., 505-476-5200 The mu­seum’s ex­hibit Trea­sures of De­vo­tion/Te­soros de De­vo­ción, on longterm dis­play, traces the his­tory and in­flu­ence of reli­gious art forms in the san­tero tra­di­tion dur­ing the 18th and 19th cen­turies. The show ex­plores the Euro­pean artis­tic tra­di­tions that were adapted into new re­gional styles in New Mex­ico. The ex­hibit con­tains his­toric ex­am­ples of bul­tos, retab­los, and cru­ci­fi­jos from the mu­seum’s Larry Frank col­lec­tion that were made as ob­jects of de­vo­tion for churches and for per­sonal use.

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