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WE LIVE IN IN­TER­EST­ING TIMES. Amer­ica al­ways inau­gu­rates its pres­i­dents un­der the civic-minded Aquarius sun. Today we can feel a stub­born face-off of per­son­al­i­ties and ideals as the sun in Aquarius is squared by a brood­ing, fo­cused Scorpio moon, with both lu­mi­nar­ies in fixed signs. Squares cre­ate ten­sion, but like the force of a com­bus­tion en­gine, that strain can pro­pel us for­ward.

Thought­ful Mer­cury is now in ef­fi­cient, if con­trol­ling, Capricorn, which helps all sides of a de­bate or­ga­nize. Venus, Mars, and Nep­tune run to­gether in sen­si­tive Pisces, which can leave us poetic, vul­ner­a­ble, and vi­sion­ary on a good day, but we can eas­ily drift into fan­tasy, imag­in­ing the best and the worst of what could pos­si­bly hap­pen next.

In a week, Mars leaves sen­si­tive, pas­sive Pisces and en­ters into sharp, re­ac­tive Aries. Venus fol­lows on Feb. 3, and the game is on. Any idea we’re pro­mot­ing, any project or con­flict al­ready in the works, will catch fire. It is im­por­tant to use this dreamy time to get our blue­prints ready. Let’s stay con­nected to peo­ple do­ing the work that we think needs to be done.

Fri­day be­gins with med­i­ta­tive un­der­tones and a sen­si­tive heart as Venus sex­tiles Pluto. Satur­day in­vokes strong emo­tions, but we may run low on phys­i­cal en­ergy as the Scorpio moon trines both emo­tional plan­ets, Venus and Mars, in sen­si­tive Pisces. An out­spo­ken Sagittarius moon gives us room to un­wind and vent on Sun­day and Mon­day.

Tues­day sends us back to work as the moon con­juncts se­ri­ous Saturn and en­ters Capricorn, giv­ing us gump­tion and dura­bil­ity. But if we feel prone to dis­cour­age­ment or de­pres­sion, it will help to tune into the love and com­pas­sion of Venus and Mars in Pisces and re­mem­ber our con­nec­tion un­der­neath it all.

FRI­DAY, JAN. 20: The day dawns with emo­tional poignancy; our hearts open in re­mem­brance of what we have loved and what we have lost. Tears of all types come eas­ily as en­er­gies, peo­ple, and even our own moods square off un­der a Scorpio moon. Feel a sub­tle strength un­der­neath.

SATUR­DAY, JAN. 21: Ex­pect strong mixed feel­ings and opin­ions; the Scorpio moon pulls us in­ward to­ward soli­tude while the Aquarius sun pushes us out­ward with civic-minded con­nec­tion. Tem­pers get edgy later in the day; en­thu­si­asm buoys us when all is well, but di­rect con­flicts can get messy.

SUN­DAY, JAN. 22: This day calls for us to re­lax, wind down, and speak openly. Though we may be tact­less, every­one needs room to ex­press them­selves and be wit­nessed and ac­cepted. Re­new elas­tic­ity.

MON­DAY, JAN. 23: Mer­cury sex­tiles Nep­tune and tells us to dream, whether that means we’re late for work, lost in our il­lu­sions, or have a vi­sion to know which way to step for­ward. Find cre­ative uses of imag­i­na­tion.

TUES­DAY, JAN. 24: A new se­ri­ous­ness calls us to knuckle down to work this morn­ing as the moon con­juncts se­ri­ous Saturn; we no­tice costs, restric­tions, and flaws in pre­vi­ous plans. Mid­day, ir­ri­ta­ble de­bates dis­tract us as the moon squares Mars; let’s vent with, not at, each other. Or­ga­nize plans af­ter the moon en­ters in­dus­tri­ous Capricorn tonight.

WED­NES­DAY, JAN. 25: We see far­ther down the road and in­ten­tions be­come clear, but not nec­es­sar­ily the con­se­quences of our ac­tions as the moon con­juncts Mer­cury. Make de­ci­sions, but stay open to ad­just­ments.

THURS­DAY, JAN. 26: Morn­ing can bring dis­com­fort as prob­lems get out­lined while the moon con­juncts Pluto. Fresh gen­eros­ity sug­gests a way for­ward this af­ter­noon as the moon squares Jupiter. Find a com­mon de­nom­i­na­tor.

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