“Out of this cut-and-dry, dull, swag­ger­ing, ob­tru­sive and in­fan­tile art, I seem to have learned the very spirit of my life’s en­joy­ment.” — Robert Louis Steven­son

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Ac­cord­ing to au­thor Eric G. Bernard, writ­ing in Child’s View: 19th-Cen­tury Pa­per Theaters, the cat­a­log for a pa­per theater ex­hi­bi­tion that opened in 2010 at the Bruce Mu­seum in Con­necti­cut, London printer Wil­liam West started the trend by pub­lish­ing toy theaters over two cen­turies ago. “Within a year, West had printed a dozen com­plete plays, based on cur­rent pro­duc­tions in London theaters, as well as a stage front, in­spired by the prosce­nium of The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane,” Bernard writes. Joseph Vis­comi, in his book The Ju­ve­nile Drama: Play­ing With the Toy Theatre, writes, “Ev­ery toy theatre play has its

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