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a few months early; the heat cranks up and the pot begins to boil this week as Venus joins Mars to­gether in Aries, the sign of spring­time awak­en­ing and rev­o­lu­tion. With both emo­tional plan­ets now in this self-start­ing and pas­sion­ate fire sign, it’s all too easy to go off half-cocked; yes, we need to dive in and en­gage, but we al­ways need to think about where we’re go­ing and how best to get there.

Aries is a will­ful and free­dom-lov­ing sign — the up­side is that we can get off the couch and deal with what­ever seemed over­whelm­ing last month. We can look at our prob­lems straight in the eye with brav­ery and de­ter­mi­na­tion. But in all this in­de­pen­dence, we may for­get to check in with our loved ones and tell them where we’re go­ing, or to feel a tod­dler’s ur­gency un­der stress.

For author­ity fig­ures who ex­pect to be in con­trol, all this live en­ergy can set off con­trol is­sues and make them want to crack down. We can waste our en­ergy by shoot­ing off like fire­crack­ers, or we can fo­cus our drive in a more co­or­di­nated way. We can use th­ese short-term bursts to sup­port long-term goals. Let’s keep our wis­est self in the driver’s seat.

Fri­day dawns un­der a se­date but stub­born Taurus moon. Through the week­end, a nervy Gemini moon en­cour­ages con­ver­sa­tion but can scat­ter our en­er­gies. Mid­week, a po­ten­tially kind but self-pro­tec­tive Can­cer moon brings us back into our hearts, but may leave us sulky if we feel ten­sion between our need for in­de­pen­dence and our need for con­nec­tion.

As the week ends, the moon heads into a melo­dra­matic full moon in Leo but also brings hope through our shared vi­sions. We need to find com­mon de­nom­i­na­tors.

FRI­DAY, FEB. 3: Pas­sions heat up as Venus en­ters Aries un­der a sen­su­ous and stub­born Taurus moon. Take ad­van­tage of a col­lab­o­ra­tive mo­ment midafter­noon, be­cause tonight our opin­ions and ac­tions square off.

SATUR­DAY, FEB. 4: Con­sider tak­ing a break from po­lit­i­cal con­cerns and ini­ti­ate changes in mat­ters of self-care and sta­bil­ity as the moon trines Pluto and Mer­cury this morn­ing. Tonight the moon en­ters talk­a­tive Gemini and opens the flood­gates to con­ver­sa­tion.

SUN­DAY, FEB. 5: It’s all too easy to live in our heads and words, but it’s more im­por­tant to live in our ac­tions. Pon­der the true na­ture of free­dom — what brings us per­sonal and so­ci­etal free­dom and what only cre­ates that il­lu­sion — as Jupiter ret­ro­grades.

MON­DAY, FEB. 6: Though un­ex­pected shifts can rat­tle us this morn­ing, some can make im­prove­ments. The con­ver­sa­tion deep­ens mid­day. Tonight, ap­pre­ci­ate com­pe­tence as the moon op­poses se­ri­ous Saturn.

TUES­DAY, FEB. 7: The moon in Can­cer can nur­ture our in­ti­mate re­la­tions but also bring out a de­fen­sive streak. Mer­cury en­ters Aquarius and helps us set up net­works, aid­ing co­op­er­a­tion as long as we feel we can talk it out. Our de­fenses sky­rocket when we feel dis­cour­aged or un­der at­tack.

WED­NES­DAY, FE­BRU­ARY 8: Keep eyes open for an ap­par­ent set­back this morn­ing as the wax­ing Can­cer moon chal­lenges change-mak­ers Pluto and Uranus. The mood can be in­se­cure and cranky. This af­ter­noon brings more op­tions, which take the edge off that mood. Gen­eros­ity and com­fort take us far.

THURS­DAY, FEB. 9: Emo­tions can chal­lenge com­mu­ni­ca­tions this morn­ing as the moon op­poses Mer­cury. This af­ter­noon we need to share and re­mem­ber why we are work­ing as the sun sex­tiles Nep­tune.

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