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THE GREAT QUES­TION of this astro­log­i­cal decade con­cerns what is the right use of power — whether it’s per­sonal power, po­lit­i­cal power, or how we de­rive and use elec­tri­cal power. What changes do we need to make to avoid the mis­use of power, and in­stead to use it in a new, dy­namic, safe, and en­liven­ing way?

Pluto’s job is to chal­lenge us to trans­form. From 2008 through 2024 Pluto tra­verses Capri­corn, the sign of struc­ture, po­lit­i­cal power, au­thor­ity, dis­ci­pline, and tra­di­tions. The last time Pluto was at its present de­gree of Capri­corn was in 1772.

Pluto was en­er­gized dur­ing the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion by a sup­port­ive trine from elec­tri­fy­ing Uranus, and it was still a messy time. Change­mas­ter Uranus en­tered re­bel­lious Aries in 2010, kick­ing off the Arab Spring of 2011. Now that our po­lit­i­cal sys­tem has pro­duced a more Pluto-in-Capri­corn fig­ure­head, we can feel that Uranus-in-Aries dis­con­tent sim­mer­ing here at home.

This week a fast-mov­ing, en­er­giz­ing Mars in Aries adds ex­tra punch to that dis­con­tent when it squares Pluto, and ex­tra heat when it con­juncts Uranus next week. Let’s track how we use our per­sonal and po­lit­i­cal power, and how we use our fos­sil fu­els. Look into sim­ple daily in­ter­ac­tions and spir­i­tual life as well as pol­i­tics, and ask what trans­for­ma­tion can we cat­alyze to im­prove our sit­u­a­tion, across the board.

To­day this un­der­ly­ing dis­con­tent is sharp­ened by a fo­cused but po­ten­tially re­sent­ful Scor­pio moon. Through the rest of the week­end, a more up­beat and frank Sagit­tar­ius moon nudges us out and about; phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity will help with an in­creased emo­tional sen­si­tiv­ity as the sun slides into Pisces.

Mid­week our in­dus­tri­ous­ness re­turns in time for im­por­tant strate­gic meet­ings un­der a prag­matic Capri­corn moon. Feel the cen­trifu­gal force of willpower as Mars squares Pluto on Wed­nes­day, and use it wisely. It could be the per­fect time to push a pro­ject for­ward, but there will plenty of fuel for con­fronta­tions and even ex­plo­sions, so pro­ceed thought­fully.

FRI­DAY, FEB. 17: Peo­ple may fol­low through on obli­ga­tions, but don’t ex­pect peace and warmth. In­ves­ti­ga­tion con­tin­ues mid­day as the moon sex­tiles Pluto. We may be dis­tracted later on and need a chance to vent.

SATUR­DAY, FEB. 18: Af­ter a pri­vate, po­ten­tially re­sent­ful morn­ing, we need to speak openly, but must do so with clar­ity and kind­ness. Feel­ings be­come ten­der as the sun en­ters Pisces, while the Sagit­tar­ius moon en­cour­ages us to take a break from rou­tine.

SUN­DAY, FEB. 19: In­ves­ti­gate some­thing new and bold. If we’re cooped up to­gether, we can say mean things to make a point.

MON­DAY, FEB. 20: Use your in­ge­nu­ity to tackle all sorts of glitches. Get on the same page with team­mates now and pre­pare for a co­op­er­a­tive push for­ward.

TUES­DAY, FEB. 21: Hold things to­gether through a po­ten­tially dif­fi­cult few days — don’t re­act or stay de­pressed. Use your de­ter­mined man­age­rial en­ergy to achieve per­sonal goals and a col­lec­tive vi­sion in­stead. Pay at­ten­tion around ac­ci­den­tal con­di­tions or ex­plo­sive per­son­al­i­ties.

WED­NES­DAY, FEB. 22: Mars squares Pluto, which can in­flame an urge for dom­i­nance. We know what we’re against, but it may be hard to re­mem­ber what we’re for. Avoid un­nec­es­sary con­fronta­tions, but tackle dif­fi­cul­ties with dis­ci­pline and willpower. Re­con­nect tonight — we need to re­mem­ber who’s in our cor­ner.

THURS­DAY, FEB. 23: Al­though change vi­brates in the air, a com­pas­sion­ate note seeps in as friendly Venus sex­tiles sta­bi­liz­ing Saturn un­der a col­lab­o­ra­tive Aquar­ius moon. Reach to the past — to old friends or tra­di­tions. Check in with one an­other and prove friend­ship can be trusted.

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