Disavow Your Thoughts & Feel­ings

Pasatiempo - - NEWS - JOE FER­GU­SON, PhD PhD Clin­i­cal Psy­chol­ogy, Field­ing Univer­sity MBA, Whar­ton School of Busi­ness

Ev­ery kind of thought is in your head. The vast ma­jor­ity of these are un­con­scious and most would be in­com­pre­hen­si­ble if you could some­how ex­pe­ri­ence them. What might be the thoughts of your di­ges­tive tract, for ex­am­ple, which has 5 times as many ac­tive neu­rons as your spinal cord? Your thoughts and feel­ings are al­most en­tirely ded­i­cated to reg­u­lat­ing your me­tab­o­lism or seek­ing food, money, friends and sex in a com­plex dy­namic en­vi­ron­ment. You will note that, with­out ef­fort or aware­ness, you never put the fork in your eye in­stead of your mouth, exit through the win­dow rather than the door, or mis­take your spouse for a hat. Your un­con­scious thoughts get along just fine with­out your at­ten­tion, which would only confuse you both.

You view the life you think you lead from within a tiny bub­ble of con­scious ex­pe­ri­ence, bal­anced high on the pointy tip of your metaphor­i­cal brain. From within that bub­ble you vaguely sense the un­con­scious mass of prim­i­tive im­pulses and feel­ings from which your thoughts, be­hav­ior and per­son­al­ity emerge. Some­times you hear them in the form of ob­ses­sive thoughts or emo­tions you would rather not ex­pe­ri­ence. Ev­ery kind of thought is in your head and you are ca­pa­ble of any emo­tion, at­ti­tude or act; but you are more than that. You use lan­guage and you rea­son about your cir­cum­stances. You de­cide which thoughts and feel­ings to en­dorse and which to disavow. You de­cide how you roll, and you even have some in­flu­ence on what you think and feel. Trust me. Call me.

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