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rest­less­ness, en­thu­si­asm, anx­i­ety, and gen­eral con­trari­ness set off by the sun, Venus, and Uranus in brash Aries. Our en­ergy comes in bursts and waves.

We may re­lax a bit and get some stamina back as Mer­cury leaves Aries and en­ters earth­ier, stead­ier Taurus to­day. Venus is now ret­ro­grade and backs into Pisces, re­turn­ing us to some emo­tional work we par­tic­i­pated in from Jan. 2 to Feb. 3, when it first walked through Pisces this cy­cle. Venus can bring waves of emo­tion in Pisces but can also leave us oc­ca­sion­ally tired or feel­ing vic­tim­ized. Think back to any pas­sive or de­pres­sive feel­ings in the pro­fes­sional or po­lit­i­cal realms in Jan­uary, and find the cre­ative strands of hope and com­pas­sion — Pisces’ gift to stay em­pow­ered and sta­bi­lize the feel­ings.

Venus ret­ro­grade is a lovely time for ex­pos­ing scan­dals of all types — it points out wher­ever our ac­tions and our val­ues do not match. News may also bring a ring­side seat for scan­dal to come to the sur­face and give it an op­por­tu­nity to heal. Let’s not be too gullible and be­lieve ev­ery­thing we hear, es­pe­cially if it re­in­forces our pre­sump­tions. We need to in­ves­ti­gate rather than gos­sip, or the com­ing Mer­cury ret­ro­grade could set us up for a fall.

This week­end is a won­der­ful time to share the beauty of words through song, po­etry, and rhetoric. Plant ideas, re­la­tion­ships, or seeds as the moon en­ters Can­cer on Sun­day. Mo­men­tum picks up on Tues­day as Mars trines Pluto, though some work project may be sent back to the draw­ing board for re­fine­ment as Saturn ret­ro­grades. Ques­tions arise around au­thor­ity and chains of com­mand, and can pro­duce some fer­tile in­tro­spec­tion on both the po­lit­i­cal and per­sonal scenes.

Talk it out as a ver­bal Gemini moon sex­tiles Venus. Mer­cury en­ters Taurus and can give beauty to our words and calm down in­flam­ma­tion, though it can en­trench opin­ions. Don’t in­sist, per­suade, jos­tle, or tease — share per­spec­tives.

Laugh at fool­ish­ness and en­joy the art form of a sim­ple prank. Keep the heart open and use this teas­ing April Fools’ Day streak to defuse ten­sion as Venus semisquares Mars. Let’s not push for hu­mor where there is none, be­cause the joke will be on us.

Tend to prac­ti­cal de­tails this morn­ing as the moon op­poses or­ga­nized Saturn. The moon en­ters Can­cer around noon­time, and we become more self-pro­tec­tive and wary of the mo­tives of oth­ers. Emo­tions over­flow tonight as Venus ret­ro­grades back into Pisces.

Frus­tra­tions or wor­ries can drive our en­gines and ei­ther waste our en­ergy or help us ac­com­plish things, depend­ing upon how we use stress as the moon op­poses Pluto. We need to catch up on emo­tional pro­cess­ing tonight.

We may feel off-kil­ter and need to make ad­just­ments this morn­ing, or become strangely home­sick and there­fore more ap­pre­cia­tive of old friends and con­tacts. It’s eas­ier to come out of this pro­tec­tive melan­choly as the moon en­ters Leo around teatime, but let’s watch for com­mu­ni­ca­tion glitches tonight.

Feel the urge to clean, or­ga­nize, and pu­rify as Mars trines Pluto. Some or­ga­ni­za­tional work project may be put on hold. All au­thor­ity can be ques­tioned, so let’s not take it per­son­ally if ours is as well.

What we want to do and our re­spon­si­bil­i­ties can pull us in op­po­site di­rec­tions, which can make us ir­ri­ta­ble. No guilt trips, please; it will get us fur­ther to ap­pre­ci­ate oth­ers as Leo forms a grand trine with Uranus and Saturn. The moon en­ters Virgo late tonight and sharp­ens our crit­i­cal and com­pas­sion­ate edges.

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