Most small-scale mae­stros mez­caleros are still paid a pit­tance com­pared to what their spir­its are sold for in the U.S. — au­thor Granville Greene

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nat­u­ral yeasts for fer­men­ta­tion, or a spring would be em­a­nat­ing from a moun­tain­side that added some min­er­al­ity to a par­tic­u­lar mez­cal’s fla­vor.” Spurred by the suc­cess of Del Maguey, a com­pany run by Taos artist Ron Cooper — who has can­nily trade­marked the term “sin­gle-vil­lage mez­cal” — an in­ter­na­tional mar­ket for small-batch mez­cals now caters to the gour­mand’s de­mand for au­then­tic­ity and or the idea that ter­rain sin­gu­larly af­fects the way a prod­uct tastes. In his book, Greene heads to Oax­aca to spend time with Floren­cio Car­los Sarmiento and his two

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