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ON TUES­DAY, the sun en­ters Can­cer, sum­mer be­gins, and the pic­nic sea­son starts. We can use the ex­tra light of this week of long­est days to il­lu­mi­nate what’s re­ally go­ing on, to high­light the con­se­quences of our ac­tions, and to help us see the path ahead.

The as­ter­oid Ch­i­ron, sym­bol of the wounded healer, is ac­ti­vated this week by as­pects from Venus, the sun, and Mer­cury, en­cour­ag­ing us to use what we’ve learned through the tough twists and turns of our life. We don’t have to tell oth­ers what to do, just share our story, laced with the pearls of our hard-won wis­dom. Venus is now in its own earthy sign of Tau­rus and en­cour­ages us to stay grounded no mat­ter what we stir up through sim­ple plea­sures like fresh wa­ter, stretch­ing our mus­cles in the sun­light, burst­ing fresh fruit, and sum­mer ro­mance.

As the week­end be­gins, no story seems to have a quick and easy an­swer; the sit­u­a­tion re­ally is as com­plex as it seems. We may feel vul­ner­a­ble un­der sen­si­tive Pisces, so don’t try to push any­body out of their com­fort zone and into an un­ripe de­ci­sion.

Tues­day evening’s sum­mer sol­stice brings gen­tle magic and a long­ing to go back home. Our feel­ings deepen as Venus ap­proaches a trine to Pluto at the end of the week. Tau­rus en­cour­ages us to hold on, so it can be hard to let go of any per­son or thing right now, but that may be ex­actly what is called for. We need to lighten our load to cre­ate room for the fu­ture.

FRI­DAY, JUNE 16: Early morn­ing sen­si­tiv­ity and con­fu­sion can morph into creativ­ity mid­day, though peo­ple may stay thin-skinned. Look for an im­por­tant rev­e­la­tion or un­der­stand­ing this af­ter­noon. Con­ver­sa­tion bub­bles tonight, though don’t take it per­son­ally if at­ten­tion spans are short.

SATUR­DAY, JUNE 17: We work with a sense of ur­gency as the moon en­ters Aries around noon, but no­tice that some of this pres­sure is an il­lu­sion. Add pa­tience to keep it pro­duc­tive. Old wounds twinge, whether from sore mus­cles or ten­der psy­ches.

SUN­DAY, JUNE 18: A ma­cho Aries moon brings out a com­pet­i­tive streak this Father’s Day as well as a will­ing­ness to shift old pat­terns and try some­thing new. Men­tal Mer­cury op­poses se­ri­ous Saturn and gives us the tenac­ity to per­se­vere in tough dis­cus­sions or to com­plete a project. Don’t get caught in a tug of willpower. Tonight, bit­ter­sweet and bit­ter min­gle as the moon squares Pluto. Share the love.

MON­DAY, JUNE 19: Hit the ground run­ning as the Aries moon con­juncts change­able Uranus. Emo­tional sore­ness needs comforting tonight in or­der for us to dis­till new un­der­stand­ing. Cud­dling helps as the moon en­ters Tau­rus.

TUES­DAY, JUNE 20: Happy sum­mer sol­stice. Slow and steady wins as Venus sex­tiles Nep­tune. Evening en­cour­ages warm­hearted beauty as the sun en­ters Can­cer tonight. Let the light of this long­est day shine on what’s work­ing, be­cause this grat­i­tude helps us han­dle all those dark cor­ners.

WED­NES­DAY, JUNE 21: Ex­pect some dis­agree­ments around mat­ters of the home; ex­plore healthy com­pro­mise. Mixed feel­ings can pull us in many di­rec­tions, but we know what we have to do for the mo­ment. Let’s take care of our­selves with­out jump­ing into de­fen­sive­ness.

THURS­DAY, JUNE 22: Let this be a per­fect sum­mer’s day: Put­ter, me­an­der, and swing in the ham­mock. Since the mood is not ef­fi­cient, we might as well rest and re­cu­per­ate. If we have to work, we can mul­ti­task and jug­gle pos­si­bil­i­ties bet­ter than con­cen­trate. This af­ter­noon’s benef­i­cence blends into haunted edges later on.

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