“I had two chil­dren and couldn’t re­ally travel, so I started think­ing about the ocean floor in a more imag­i­na­tive way.”

Pasatiempo - - RANDOM ACTS -

Once aboard the re­search ves­sel, she had trou­ble main­tain­ing de­tail and pre­ci­sion when paint­ing be­cause of the move­ment of the ship. She had to develop a looser, more im­promptu ap­proach to avoid strug­gling against the sway­ing mo­tion. “I started pour­ing the paint on the can­vas and let­ting it dis­perse. We were trail­ing a hur­ri­cane in the East Pa­cific. It was very rocky and ex­cit­ing, but a lit­tle more ex­cit­ing than we would have liked. In­stead of fight­ing it, I had this mo­ment where I was like, let me just pour the paint and see. The mo­tion of the ship would guide the paint, and it was sort of a record of

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