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FRI­DAY STARTS OFF WITH A SQUISHY MOOD un­der a sen­si­tive Pisces moon, but then kicks into a more ex­ploratory and in­ter­est­ing week­end as the moon en­ters self-start­ing Aries that evening. We need to rest up, drink wa­ter, and not get over­heated as Mer­cury forms a chal­leng­ing as­pect to Nep­tune.

Let’s try to be ex­tra kind to one an­other for the next few weeks, as the sun runs close enough to Mars to leave every­body a bit bristly around the edges. This line-up gives us gump­tion, feisti­ness, and the en­ergy to do what needs to be done, as well as the im­pulse to take un­nec­es­sary risks. Both the sun and Mars are in Can­cer this week, bring­ing out our de­fen­sive edge but also in­spir­ing home-im­prove­ment projects.

This in­tro­verted side is soft­ened by Mer­cury in Leo, which en­cour­ages us to reach out, bring­ing bom­bas­tic hu­mor and an abil­ity to tell sto­ries. Over the week­end we could bump up against one an­other with mi­nor clashes as Venus chal­lenges Mars. We may want to be ro­man­tic, but our tim­ing can be a lit­tle off, or our en­ergy dis­tracted. Some is­sue trig­gers deeper thoughts or a long­ing for more on Sun­day.

On Mon­day, Tau­rus brings us back to our body, but some dif­fi­cult as­pects can stir the pot as Mars squares Uranus. Sparks fly, whether it’s hu­man chem­istry or grass wild­fires, so watch where they land. Take up op­por­tu­ni­ties for emo­tional heal­ing later in the week as Venus trines ex­pan­sive and friendly Jupiter, smooth­ing the way for fresh un­der­stand­ing in all our re­la­tion­ships, as long as we pay at­ten­tion. Just be aware that no one wants to be ig­nored, and let your beloveds feel seen.

FRI­DAY, JULY 14: Med­i­tate and cud­dle, but keep ex­pec­ta­tions low this morn­ing — our brains just don’t want to work at peak ef­fi­ciency. The en­ergy picks up at sun­down as the moon en­ters feisty Aries.

SATUR­DAY, JULY 15: A de­sire for ex­cite­ment and en­gage­ment leaves us out of sync with one an­other. As Venus chal­lenges Mars, re­la­tion­ships can be taxed by tan­gen­tial needs and dif­fer­ing rhythms. Dive into some­thing fresh and new, open up to pos­si­bil­i­ties this af­ter­noon, and talk late into the night. SUN­DAY, JULY 16: And now for some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent — or so we may hope, as Venus op­poses Uranus and en­cour­ages us to wan­der. Haunt­ing news brings a more se­ri­ous note in mid-af­ter­noon. A need for com­fort re­asserts it­self as the moon en­ters set­tled Tau­rus tonight. MON­DAY, JULY 17: A dif­fi­cult Mars-Uranus square cranks up the fric­tion this morn­ing. Watch for tech­ni­cal com­pli­ca­tions that re­quire engi­neer­ing in­ge­nu­ity, and keep duct tape handy. Later, it helps to be around wa­ter. Keep ex­pec­ta­tions low and dreamy as Venus squares Nep­tune un­der the cud­dly Tau­rus moon. TUES­DAY, JULY 18: Emo­tional depth can pro­duce heal­ing as the Tau­rus moon trines Pluto, en­cour­ag­ing us to share from a deeper level in a skilled and con­crete way. Venus in Gem­ini trines Jupiter and helps open our hearts with hu­mor but can in­crease our emo­tional ex­pec­ta­tions. WED­NES­DAY, JULY 19: We’ll talk more about lo­gis­tics and less about our feel­ings, although we can write and com­mu­ni­cate with un­usual ease. Let’s re­mem­ber and clar­ify our goals as the moon en­ters talk­a­tive Gem­ini while Mer­cury forms a grounded, prag­matic trine to Saturn. THURS­DAY, JULY 20: Good com­mu­ni­ca­tion helps with nervy static and a de­sire for change as the sun squares elec­tri­cal Uranus un­der a talk­a­tive Gem­ini moon. We may be con­fronted with in­for­ma­tion that chal­lenges our sta­tus quo. It helps to be hon­est with our­selves and look be­neath the ob­vi­ous.

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