Pasatiempo - - MOVING IMAGES - (Robert Ker)

This movie takes the con­cept of Ground­hog Day and fuses it with hor­ror, but it never com­pletely rises above the slasher trope of the soror­ity girl who is pun­ished for her promis­cu­ity with the busi­ness end of a butcher’s knife. Col­lege stu­dent Tree Gelb­man (Jes­sica Rothe) wakes up on her birth­day, treats ev­ery­one in her life ter­ri­bly, and is ul­ti­mately mur­dered by an at­tacker in a car­toon­ish baby mask. Then she wakes up again. She must re­live the day re­peat­edly un­til she solves the mys­tery of who her at­tacker is and how to avoid be­ing killed. De­spite the grisly rep­e­ti­tion, there are cu­ri­ously few scares and not many laughs. The movie breezily skates by on the mer­its of its mildly clever re­cy­cled premise. Rated PG-13. 96 min­utes. Regal Sta­dium 14.

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