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THIS IS IT: ELEC­TION WEEK. The stars sug­gest that one chap­ter ends and a new one be­gins. The world has grown grim­mer over the last few years as we work to­ward a piv­otal nexus in 2020, when the two plan­ets we as­so­ciate with power and con­trol, Saturn and Pluto, con­junct in Capri­corn. The pol­i­tics of the United States stay in meta­mor­pho­sis through 2023 as Pluto re­turns to the same po­si­tion as when our coun­try was born. Th­ese are rev­o­lu­tion­ary as­pects.

This grow­ing Saturn-Pluto con­junc­tion re­ally ques­tions how we use power and how we hold bound­aries. The meet­ing in Capri­corn is in­tensely com­pe­tent, but we have to add ide­al­ism in or­der to turn this con­junc­tion to serve all sen­tient be­ings.

This Sun­day, an ide­al­is­tic sun-Nep­tune trine re­minds us to dream big. On Mon­day, change is in the wind as the moon con­juncts Venus in woman-em­pow­er­ing Libra. Through Mon­day and Tues­day, the moon en­ters fo­cused Scor­pio, and we re­mem­ber; the re­cent past sits with us and af­fects our de­ci­sions.

Wed­nes­day brings a new moon that be­gins an in­tense cy­cle, one that will help us get down to work and con­tinue to stir the depths of the hu­man psy­che to see what mon­sters lurk there. On Thurs­day, Jupiter en­ters its own sign of Sagit­tar­ius with a fresh need to ex­press our­selves as a new mo­men­tum builds.

In our per­sonal lives, we can find com­pe­tence on Fri­day. Com­mu­ni­cate and share ideals over the week­end. The early week brings fo­cused in­ten­sity and a flood of old mem­o­ries. Mark one chap­ter end­ing and a new one be­gin­ning.

FRI­DAY, NOV. 2: Get it done to­day as the Virgo moon trines Uranus and Saturn. Af­ter about 6 p.m., the en­ergy level drops. The world may feel too much with us — and we need a break.

SATUR­DAY, NOV. 3: Chores and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties can bring joy and ca­ma­raderie. The in­dus­tri­ous Virgo moon trines Pluto in the morn­ing and re­minds us of what we haven’t done yet. Be care­ful not to set off an­other’s de­fenses. Hope­ful­ness wafts in tonight.

SUN­DAY, NOV. 4: Take a mo­ment to put work aside and move into the right re­la­tion­ships as the moon en­ters Libra and squares Saturn. Con­sider the soul’s con­nec­tion to spirit. Then see how this bal­ance can re-en­ter daily life and pol­i­tics.

MON­DAY, NOV. 5: Work through a wave of po­ten­tial dis­cour­age­ment. Chan­nel the moun­tains and the earth be­neath and feel that strength sup­port­ing us. Good changes cat­alyze as the moon trines Mars and the sun trines Nep­tune tonight. Re­mem­ber ideals as well as the big­ger pic­ture.

TUES­DAY, NOV. 6: We wake up with a strong emo­tional up­surge as the moon con­juncts Venus and en­ters Scor­pio be­fore 6 a.m. Change is in the works, but in what di­rec­tion de­pends on who re­sponds to the call. Feel the ex­tra charge to all we do. Con­cen­tra­tion is avail­able to us if we duck be­low dis­trac­tions and fo­cus on what is im­por­tant.

WED­NES­DAY, NOV. 7: A new cy­cle be­gins on the new moon. We can see down the road now, and it’s im­por­tant to state our in­ten­tions pos­i­tively and fo­cus on what we want. Strong emo­tions show through ac­tion, touch, and in­tu­ition.

THURS­DAY, NOV. 8: Jupiter and the moon both en­ter Sagit­tar­ius this morn­ing and a weight is lifted. Sagit­tar­ius brings fresh im­pa­tience and an out­spo­ken de­sire for the truth, as well as an un­will­ing­ness to put up with dys­func­tion. We can feel a pos­i­tive new po­ten­tial, but must tap into it with our ac­tions.

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