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Wel­come to an­other in­stall­ment of Stay Crush­ing!

Okay, so, a few things have switched around lately. One of the main things that hap­pened this past month is the loss of my beloved “Lemon Party” MR2. Af­ter my search to find a clean Type S K-series Honda en­gine fell flat, I con­sid­ered sell­ing the car and pick­ing some­thing else up. Turns out my friend Colin, one of the mad sci­en­tists and owner at Big Coun­try Labs - mak­ers of some of the sick­est wings on the mar­ket - has been ob­sess­ing over the MR2 for a while now. He just had to have it, so now he has his own per­sonal lemon party. He plans on mak­ing it even cra­zier than what I had planned for it, so I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

That be­ing said, I'd need a daily while my FR-S is un­der the knife, so I picked up an­other two-door sportscar: a 350Z. This Z was owned by a fel­low Low N Slow crew mem­ber, so yes, it came pre-built. The pre­vi­ous owner had the 350Z fit­ment game on lock, and for the last eight or nine years his car has had many set­ups. From its metal wide­body and full JL Au­dio sys­tem, to its di­a­mond­stitched in­te­rior and Weds wheels, ev­ery­where I go in this thing, it stops peo­ple dead in their tracks. I plan on clean­ing it up a bit since it has some years and miles on it, and above all, give it some good lovin'.

Now for the FR-S! My Pan­dem kit (tech­ni­cally Rocket Bunny V3) will have al­ready ar­rived by the time this is pub­lished and you're read­ing this. Stay tuned for the up­dates to come as we get ev­ery­thing to­gether. This kit is wider and even more ag­gres­sive than the first two, so get hyped!

As I write this, the FR-S is at Mo­toIQ for a full mo­tor build! A wide­body FR-S with a built mo­tor? What?! Within the first day, they've al­ready pulled the mo­tor out and stripped it down to just the long block, intake man­i­fold, har­ness, and ECU. I will be run­ning JE 10.5:1 stock bore pistons, BC rods, Su­pertech val­ve­train, and a Deatschw­erks fuel sys­tem. The car is go­ing to make some nasty power - about 500 horses worth if all goes ac­cord­ing to plan! I am be­yond ex­cited for all the mad­ness that is about to take place with the car.

I have so much more hap­pen­ing with the FR-S to come, but I can't spill it all now. I've got to make sure I've got enough con­tent ev­ery month af­ter all! Stay tuned for some su­per ex­cit­ing up­dates!

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