I think, for me, it comes down to a cou­ple things. This is very dis­rup­tive, what Dom is do­ing, and very con­fus­ing for all of us. We're just re­ally on a mis­sion to try to get to the bot­tom of what's go­ing on, and that's what a fam­ily does; they come to­gether, be­cause there's power in num­bers, and just get to the bot­tom of what's hap­pen­ing. I think they're go­ing to love me driv­ing in my Lam­borgh­ini. The Lambo is def­i­nitely spe­cial. I've got the Bent­ley GT Coupe I'm driv­ing in as well. There are a cou­ple dif­fer­ent mag­i­cal pieces out there that people are go­ing to love.

I mean, I think the cars in Furious 7 sucked, for me. The car that I jumped out of the plane with didn't even have work­ing air bags. So, y'all was won­der­ing why I was scared? S***, I was up in a plane in a car that was made be­fore they in­vented airbags. What makes y'all think that I'm go­ing to feel safe jump­ing out of a plane in that s***?

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