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you have any inkling of what our Tuner Bat­tle­grounds com­pe­ti­tion is, you'll know how im­por­tant a so­cial me­dia fol­low­ing is to how well you do, or don't do. When Reyes was gear­ing up for his very first TBG Live event at Cal­gary's it­er­a­tion of the Driven Show, he didn't even know what a hash­tag was.

“I have al­ways piggy backed on a shared Face­book ac­count with my wife, Kathy, but never had one of my own,” Reyes ad­mits. “I had to get my own Face­book, In­sta­gram, and Twit­ter ac­counts with the help of oth­ers show­ing me what to do.”

Luck­ily for him, those who he lists as his biggest mo­ti­va­tors in his dreams to be champ (among the rest of the Garage 106 team he's a part of) are none other than An­thony De Guz­man and Benji Tran, 2014's and 2015's TBG Cham­pi­ons. Hav­ing some­one who's been there and come away with the whole thing is a huge help, but hav­ing two is even bet­ter! Since start­ing up his so­cial me­dia pres­ence, his In­sta­gram alone has gar­nered him over 5,000 fol­low­ers, and he did it all with­out a Fit Tea spon­sor­ship.

Now, some of you may be putting some pieces to­gether and fig­ur­ing out that since Reyes and

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