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an RX-7, an R200 dif­fer­en­tial, the front sus­pen­sion clip off a 1994 Toy­ota pickup, Re­caro seats from a Mk2 Volk­swa­gen, and some unique tail­lights from a Nis­san Blue­bird coupe. As you can see, this car is the rolling em­bod­i­ment of the Franken­stein theme of this is­sue.

The wild build started out as an idea to keep up with a bunch of Blot­tie's pals in friendly com­pe­ti­tion. "My friends are a con­stant source of in­spi­ra­tion for new ideas, as well as mo­ti­va­tion to keep work­ing on projects. They're al­ways build­ing some­thing new, so I have to keep up!” Blot­tie quips. While run­ning his own busi­ness and pro­vid­ing for a wife and three chil­dren, he man­aged to find just enough time to piece the 510 to­gether for SEMA 2016. With an ex­ten­sive his­tory of work­ing on cars for most of his life, Blot­tie made quick work of some of the car's most chal­leng­ing mod­i­fi­ca­tions.

Thank­fully for him, Blot­tie's wife Vic­to­ria is al­ways sup­port­ive of his projects, and even helps him with styling de­ci­sions. Putting on cop­per-plated BBS RS wheels that tuck be­neath the Dat­sun's fen­ders, for ex­am­ple, was her idea. Be­hind those spe­cial 15-inch wheels wrapped in Achilles ATR-K tires sits a set of Wil­wood brakes, com­plete with Dy­nalite 4-pis­ton front calipers and Dy­napro 2-pis­ton rear calipers.

The car's driv­e­train is a mis­matched batch of ro­tary-cen­tric parts, all pieced to­gether per­fectly and built to per­form. In ad­di­tion to be­ing built to look in­cred­i­bly cool, this Dat­sun 510 was also built to han­dle abuse and fire-spit­ting burnouts, so the driv­e­train had to be ready to with­stand some thrash­ing. The 13B ro­tary en­gine sends its power to the driv­e­train via a Turbo II Mazda RX-7 five-speed trans­mis­sion, which trans­fers ro­tat­ing power into an R200 dif­fer­en­tial be­fore hit­ting spe­cially re­built axles from Driv­e­line Ser­vice of Sacra­mento.

With a back­ground in mini trucks, Blot­tie wanted his 510 to lay com­pletely on the ground when aired out, but the Dat­sun's Macpher­son struts and low cross­mem­ber up front wouldn't al­low for that. In the­ory, he could have raised the cross­mem­ber, but the struts would have to be so short that it would leave lit­tle to no travel for the air sus­pen­sion, and sac­ri­fic­ing that much ride qual­ity wasn't an op­tion. Notic­ing that the bot­tom of the car had a lot of rust af­ter sit­ting in a field for years, Blot­tie came up with a plan.

Rather than re­pair­ing the uni­body and ru­in­ing the beau­ti­ful patina the car had earned on its 1970s SCCA Trans Am 2.5 Chal­lenge paint job, a 2x3 box frame was cre­ated that would tie into the roll cage for struc­tural in­tegrity. A 1994 Toy­ota pickup served as the donor ve­hi­cle for a front clip that would se­cure the new front sus­pen­sion to the frame they built. The mini truck back­ground lent some fa­mil­iar­ity to this process, and it wasn't long be­fore cus­tom up­per arms and

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